Alpha Vulcan

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Chapter 5

Thalia’s POV

This is different. The world feels like it is turning on its axis in all the wrong ways, and I am the casualty of the apocalyptic happening. Nothing makes sense and I also feel comforted as the hypnotic man pulls me deep into his chest.

His scent is a comfort blanket as he absorbs me into him. His chest is roaring like a motorcycle once more. I tilt my head upward and the pure amazement I feel is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

It is an electric attraction, hazy blinds placed over my eyes. Unimaginably Lana is also at peace, for once in her life. There is no need for her to fight or protect me or for me to push her so deep into my mind that so that she is protected.

“Back off!” It is the most he has said and even I feel the need to obey this Alpha wolf. His whole aura reeks of power, it is addictive taking it all in. I feel invincible in his arms and protected. There is something deep inside of me that tells me that he will do nothing to hurt me.

Having enough of the prying eyes, he picks me up. His arms as thick as tree stumps wrapped around my petite form. There is no doubt in my mind that he has the power in his little finger to break me into little pieces.

My eyes scan the endless halls and stairs he takes, his steps are slightly heavy but also silent form the most part. I can feel other wolves steering clear of us; their presence disappearing as soon as they hear the footsteps of his feet on the tiled floor.

I look up at my mate, and I am in awe of him. He looks down at me and it is like I am staring into and abyss. An abyss that make my chest feel full.

Fear sets in out of nowhere. My breath labours, and I see his eyebrows scrunch together as a door opens and he walks through. “What is wrong, mate?” My head feels thick, my heart thumping in my ears.

“Are you going to hurt me?” The words are choked out as he places me on a plush surface. My fingers cling to the surface.

“Why you ask this?” His voice sounds animal than human.

“It is what my previous mate did…” I can see rage filling his eyes and I can see dots appearing in my sight. The mate bond unable to calm me down as he takes my chin between his two fingers.

I flutter into darkness.

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