Alpha Vulcan

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Chaper 7

Vulcan’s POV

I am enraged as I tuck my unconscious mate into bed. She has another mate, and every fibre of my being wants his blood to run through my fingers until it turns deep crimson and he ceases to exist. It is nature that has my natural instincts turn to murder. It is the way of the wolf; I have to kill the wolf that has claim on my female.

I walk over to my Beta. His exhale is audible, and I refrain from unleashing the full extent of my anger on him. He knows that I need to get rid of my frustration as we walk over to the training mats. My hands are in fists in front of my face as we circle one another.

“What is going on?” I shrug, jabbing him in the abdomen, he recovers fast. His eyebrows are furrowed in confusion as my anger radiates from my body.

“She told me that she has or had another mate. Hopefully it is the latter, or else there will be blood spilled.” I evade his hit, his fits flying to the side of my face. I take his arm in mine. There is a thump as I use my weight to throw him down.

“Oh.” He gets up. I can see curiosity shining in his eyes. Good, I know that he always has my best interest in mind, as I do his. There are formal registers that each pack has to keep track of the mated and unmated wolves, each pair is to be listed together so I am sure that we will find out who her mate or ex mate was.

“There is more.” He stops, like he has been expecting it, his eyes are searing as he studies me.

“She was abused, and I am sure that he did it.” I spit the words out like they are poison. My leg kicks out, and he jumps out of the way. “I need information.” Another jab, I hit him in the chest. “Name, surname, pack status, pack name and anything else you can find out.”

Before he can respond, one of the warriors walks over with a scout, they are both laughing about something. “I would ram that new bitch in the infirmary.” The scout laughs out. I turn my head in his direction, my wolf surfacing.

“What did you just say?” The ground shakes as I walk over to him. I can taste his fear in the air, and it feeds my need to kill him even more. My wolf wants blood, and he is ready to spill any amount when it comes to someone disrespecting his mate.

I bash my fists into his face, my vision flooded with red. From anger or his blood, is not of importance, what is, is that he has to pay in blood for his words. Lux, my wolf takes control, the beast is ready to kill.

Thalia’s POV

I am jolted awake by someone shaking my shoulder frantically. I recognize the man as the Beta.

“You have to help.” His eyes drift to the door. “He is going to kill a pack member.” It does not take a genius to figure out who he is talking about. I jump out of bed like the breath of life has made me come alive. Every particle of my body wants to go to my mate and look after his best interest.

“Take me to him.” He jumps into action and we both run down the halls, not wanting to waste anymore time. We get outside. My mate’s scent envelopes me, and I follow the trail.

I run over to him as I see all the blood he is spilling. He is sitting on top of a male, his fists bloodied. The blood is turning darker with each hit and I know from experience that it is not a good sign.

“Stop it!” My voice reverberates pathetically through the air. There is no strength in it, and I see that it will take more than that to get my mate off him. I feel panic set in as I remember when I was the one that was being hit. Shaking my head, I close my eyes for a moment, trying to gather myself. They are not the other pack.

His arm lifts, as to him once more, but I am quicker as I slip underneath it. I am clinging to his armpit as to buff his movement. I slide my leg over his, my arms wrapping around his rock-hard torso like my life is depending on it.

Everything still for a moment. His neck tilts down, his eyes a crimson. It is frightening but I have a nagging feeling that I am safe. Safe. Such a dangerous feeling. I reach up, my hand tiny against him. “Let’s go.” It is all I can manage to say. There is understanding, and his eyes melt back into his forest toned ones. It calms me seeing him come back to reality. Back to me.

He gets up, his arms wrapping around me, he is like a cage keeping me from danger. There is a crowd around us, but all I can concentrate on is the strong Alpha male in front of me. Every part of my being is calling to his in a primal dance that is meant for mates.

His chest rumbles as his eyes turn from mine, to regard the pack around us. “You disrespect my mate, you disrespect your Alpha, and that means death.” He looks to the man he beat up who is scarcely breathing. “Or close enough.”

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