I didn't want to believe him.

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They live among us.

It has not always been bad experiences here though.

Since my mother passed I feel her sometimes around me, we all do. Just last month I was talking to my son in the living room and I saw a light, we don’t live near a street so it wasn’t from a car.

It was soft and illuminating as it floated from the front window curtain around to the wall behind my son, I got such a warm feeling and said hello mama, and watched as it went behind the recliner where my son was sitting and then up behind his head and disappeared. He didn’t see this or know why I said that. Just then he shrugged his shoulders up and put his hand on the back of his head saying that it felt like his hair was stroked. That brought tears to us both.

We all know when she is here because it feels warm and loving like her, and sometimes we smell her sweet perfume. My grandson who is autistic was too young to comprehend my mother’s death, he sometimes talks to her, almost like he is answering what seems to be a question. He is only six and has the purest soul. I wish I could hear her voice speak to me again.

And then you have things happen that at the time you don’t understand but when you find out, everything falls into place. This was one such time.

In March we had a few aluminum balloons leftover from my grandson’s birthday and they lasted a very long time. All of them fell to the floor except one particular balloon, it kept following me midway in the air around the house.

The air conditioner nor heater was on and all the windows were shut. I went to my bedroom and it followed and stayed by my bed, I went into the laundry room and it followed there as well. This went on for a solid week, after a while, it started getting annoying but we didn’t think anything of it, we just swatted it away.

One day my son and I were talking in the kitchen and it came in from the living room where we just saw it laying on the floor moments before and lowered itself to go under the door frame and stopped mid-height between us, he took it and pushed it back in the living room, not even four minutes later and it was back mid-hight between us. This time he put it all the way in the laundry room and it made its way back, lowering to come through this time two door frames, and stayed floating midway between us again.

At that point it was too weird, we both looked at each other and said “Nah.” So I took it and said, “Okay, okay, if this is you, mom, do it again”, I put it back in the living room and it stayed there floating. It didn’t feel like her at that moment, it felt different, almost familiar, but not in a bad way. We went back to talking and there it was again between us.

Well, I didn’t know this at the time, in fact, I just found out a few weeks ago that my dear friend passed away in March and his family didn’t have my number to tell me. One of the last things he told me was that when he dies he is going to come harras me just for fun and to let me know he is here and he loves me.

When I found out I called out to my son saying “It was Tom, it was Tom!” After I told him the sad news he said that it gave him a bit of peace. We all knew that this is so something he would do and it blew our minds. I just wish I found out then so I could have told him that I love him too.

Three nights ago I saw a light low to the ground in the kitchen and five minutes later my granddaughter saw the same light formed like a feather fluttering in front of her. My son also told me that a light trailed up over and across in his room. Another time he walked into my room and saw a light above my head.

My neighbor is confident something happened on this land. I talked to him to see if he had been having experiences or seeing anything unusual without making myself look crazy. He said that he does not go out after dark but he has heard the screams in the forest and his pets acting strangely from time to time.

As we were talking his roommate came home and asked what we were talking about, when I told him, he pointed to the young man I was talking to first and said, “You see? I’m not nuts!”

Apparently he has seen things as well and calls what he sees in his bedroom a demon boy because he doesn’t know what it is. He even saged in his room, and if you think about it that goes along with the orb that danced with my granddaughter when we first moved in, and no it’s not a demon. I think that perhaps a child is in some way connected to the property and it might roam.

We have seen so many beautiful things here that it outweighs the bad. Some day after I’m gone I hope to be a part of that, I want to be the whisper of encouragement in my loved one’s ear and a gentle stroke upon their face, I want them to always know that they don’t have to be afraid and that they are, and always will be loved from now until forever.

As for what is here in this house? I think since I have been more aware of the darkness it shows itself less, I do enjoy feeling my loved ones around though and my kids do too. Some day we will move from this place and hopefully, only our loved ones will follow.

(UPDATE 07/16/20)

So today when I arrived home after running errands, my ex (The ex non-believer) told me that without a doubt he saw something. At first, I told him to stop playing around because I thought he was making fun of us. I’ve known this man for twenty-four years so I know when he is serious, he was definitely shaken.

He said that he was standing in the guest room and he was about to go in the bathroom to wash his hands when someone tall who he thought was my son turned on the light and darted into the bathroom really fast closing the door behind him.

He waited for a bit but didn’t hear anything, he got tired of waiting so he washed his hands in the kitchen. Still not hearing anything for a while he went to the door and asked if my son was okay, still no answer but the light was still on.

Finally, he opened the door only to find... Nothing!

Confused, he went to my son’s room and knocked on his door to ask him why he did that and left the light on, but when my son came out of his room he was wearing a burgundy shirt and pants, with a shake in his voice my ex asked if he changed his clothes to which my son responded with “no, why?” The person my ex saw was wearing a blue tee-shirt and shorts. My son told me that when he opened the door my ex turned pale.

(UPDATE 07/18/20)

My son’s fiance was in the kitchen today and we were all putting away groceries, she had long hair and she was standing there not moving. In front of everyone, her hair flipped up in the air as if someone tossed it. It freaked her out and she said it gave her shivers. She asked me to cut it short yesterday, so I did.

(UPDATE 07/23/20)

I promised my other son I would come to help paint his new place, so I bathed my grandkids and made them something to eat. I figured I would only be gone a few hours but it took longer than expected.

When I arrived there were all kinds of commotion going on in my room and my grandson was crying uncontrollably.

Nobody could understand him because he was so upset so he was trying to act out what had just happened. Sorry if I am rambling but this was very upsetting.

After I calmed him down he told me that he was getting tired so he laid down. He said something woke him up and he heard my car so he went toward the bedroom door when a dark hole formed at the top outside my door and a dark (meaning shadow type) boy came out of it.

He said that the boy stood in the doorway and pushed him back and slammed the baby gate trapping him in the room. He said it was evil, he kept saying that over and over… “he’s evil.” After the gate shut my grandson screamed, so everyone in the house ran to see what was wrong with him.

I know kids have active imaginations but I know him, he is autistic, he doesn’t lie or make stuff up like this.

He was visibly shaken up and since last night his story hasn’t changed.

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