I didn't want to believe him.

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Something watching us from the field

The Pacific Northwest is a place of wonder, and where we believe creatures of lore exist, there have been too many various sightings here. I wouldn’t say demonic in nature, more like there are tangible beings. The skies are vast, the air is clean, and there is a mystic feeling here, almost as if when you turn a corner, you might see a fairy. We never want to live anywhere else.

All the things I will be describing has been spread out since we have lived on this property.

Sometimes we hear screams coming from the forest, and all the wildlife become still and quiet, occasionally we’ve listened to what sounds like a metal chair scraping on a concrete floor in the distance that echoes over our land. The neighbor also feels like they are being watched.

As for the noises in the forest, I have compared these sounds to various wildlife indigenous to the area but found nothing.

This was when we first moved here on this property that is surrounded by farms.
One late night I was driving down the lonely road home lit only by a handful of streetlights when I saw a flash of eyes in the distance, not wanting to hit what I thought might be a deer I slowed down.

When I arrived at where I thought it was, it was gone, but the side of the headlights shined on something grayish-white, and I noticed something almost the size of a man crawling into the bushes. I saw its back muscles and shoulder blades and its back leg, there was no fur, no tail, and no feathers, just a light-colored muscular creature.

I quickly turned the corner, hoping to see it crawl out over the train tracks on the other side of the bushes, but it wasn’t there, so I went home. I know what I saw, my headlights shined on it.
I will try to compile all that we have seen in these three years.

We know there is something going on with this land. My two adult children, my son’s fiancee, and I have seen a tall white creature. It stands about seven feet tall with large eyes peeking around the workshop, revealing his head, chest, shoulder, arm with his hand on the wall, and part of its foot. Or it peeks into the garage window, and we have seen this on many occasions, a few times from my son’s window upstairs.

My daughter was here for a visit once. She thought she dropped something earlier out back when she was playing with the kids in the yard. It was dark so she and my son went out there and they both had flashlights to find whatever it was she dropped. They were searching for a while when they heard something rustle in the tall grass beyond them, she shined her light in the direction of the noise and standing tall there in the field was that same creature, so they both ran like hell back to the house.

She later moved out of state, and it’s been over a year since this happened, so before I wrote this, I gave her a call. I didn’t want to lead the conversation, so I simply asked her what she remembered, she described that thing to a tee and went on by telling me about the time she saw it on the roof of the garage where both awnings meet.

She stepped out on the front porch, and something caught her eye over the garage, she said she stepped closer, and it tilted its head, my daughter then turned to tell her brother to look and when she looked back it was gone. Then, of course, she had to ask me, “Don’t you remember me telling you, and you thought I was on drugs or something?” I do remember that, and I apologized. I don’t think this or these things have ill intent, or at least I would hope not, it’s just scary.

On an early evening, my son and his fiance were leaving the garage from the side door, and my son locked eyes with this same thing crouched on all fours on a lawn couch outside my bedroom window. He said it was white with pasty skin and had a long neck and big round eyes that almost glowed. Its head stayed fixed on him and straight but moved up and around clockwise and back like it was sizing them up like an owl.

It was crouched with knees. It was not an owl. My son then started pushing his girl faster to the house. It was a while before he went back out there, never alone, and never at night.
Just to let you know, we have never seen a raccoon or a squirrel on this property.

Another time, I was on my front porch one evening. I let the dogs out one last time before bed and noticed that they were all acting skittish, they all did their thing and piled up in front of the front door with crazy eyes as if they wanted in now! Thinking it might be coyotes, I let them in and went to the end of the porch to see what frightened them.

I keep a light on above my back door, and another one further down on another area on the back of the house. Something was tall enough to block out the light casting its shadow on the wall of the garage. It couldn’t have been a giant moth on the light because the shadow was cast by both lights. That gave me the creeps to think that something was standing right outside my back door.

My granddaughter keeps her window blinds shut after dark, even though there is no one around, she said she feels uneasy. We are not living in fear by any means. It’s just different, you know?

This hasn’t been an everyday occurrence, but it is enough to take notice, I have no explanation as to what this is. At first, I blew it off, thinking that it was just some sort of wildlife we didn’t know about before. But after seeing these things for almost three years and getting validation from others, I know that it is so much more.

Maybe someday before we move and I ever get my hands on some proper camera equipment with night vision, I will share my findings.


My nephew's son came over to drop off some face masks for our family and he saw that thing up between the roof and the awning watching him. He called us freaked out on his way home to tell us what he saw, and not to go outside because someone was sitting on my roof. He thought I was nuts for telling him that there was nothing to be worried about.

The next day my nephew told me that his son said that he is never coming over here again.

It doesn't matter if anyone believes us or not. We know because we are living it.
Thank you for reading.

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