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Experience has a way of teaching you a hard lesson. It shows us how far we've come throughout the process of our relationships. Past failures to future accomplishments to setting long - term or short - term goals. Comprehending the dynamics of a simple but, basic relationship. It's about seeing all opinions from (two) different angles. Black, white, rich, poor, right , wrong. Relationships are based on culture how we express love from one person to another. Childhood history comes from a background line.. How we we're brought up, how we we're raised. What we hear, what we see, how we react to trauma.

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Welcome! To the cafe Lounge I'll be your host this evening. My name is Beverly I am your waiter. I'll be serving you how do you prefer your coffee? Strong, weak, hot, cold? Others may like it dark but, I like my coffee cloudy with a little sun. I invite you to drink the Knowledge the warms your soul. Sit back relax and enjoy a cup of our finest as black as coal's. Put some sugar, milk and honey. Fill me up and I'll leave a tip and some money.

The next entertainment coming to the stage. Forget the old and remember the new age. Before you judge a book by its cover. Read half & half and you will discover. You will learn all the things about your potential lover.


To all my supporters that helped and encouraged me with their kind words. Thank you! To my family and friends I couldn't have done it without you. I appreciate your love and devotion. Lets make a toast to an exciting journey. Cheers to a new year 2021.














Have a seat in the Lounge I want tell you a story. About relationships and all its glory.

It starts off innocent then leave you with recentment and guilt. We become the open target. Falling victim to lust that we thought was love. In the beginning everyone puts on a nice guy act. Who they appear to be on the inside is not who they really are it's only who they want you to believe they are. Lots of times we don't want to see the truth for what it really is.

If someone shows you who they are believe them. Sometimes when people see what you have going for yourself they want to be apart of that because they don't have anything going for themselves. I hate to say it but, they just want to use you. They lure you into the most vulnerable, gullible, state in your life and take advantage of your weakness. They may even say they love you when they really don't love you at all.

They have no plans what soever to be in a relationship with you long term, committ to you or even such as marry you. You been hoodwinked, you've been played by someone who is a player. This is usually a person that is a kindman. That's a person that tries to get over on people. Men do it to women all of the time and women do it to men. Lots of times an individual becomes attracted to the opposite sex only when they know their unattainable when they can't have the person.

They are really good at playing the victim when really they are not the victim. They may even be persistent if you tell them no they will keep trying until you give in. That's when they know they have you for certain. Because when they have you it's hard to get out from underneath their shadow. That's when they want to put a firm grip on you so that none else can have you. Secretly they will mess around behind your back. Because they never had any interest in you from the beginning.

At times it may get serious to where the person becomes verbally, mentally and physically violent. Abuse controls and manipulates and it brings a person way down if you let it. Alot of people stay in these cycles hoping that they will one day change. One day he or she will love me the way I want to be loved. It never happens because we can never force another person to change.

It's like fighting fire with fire or trying to bring a horse to the water but the horse is too damn stubborn to drink it. What your really doing is draining yourself. Few months turns into a year, a year turns into two years, three years turns into four years next thing you know it's gotten to five years and nothing has changed with this person. It's apparent that this person doesn't love you this isn't love. People tend to blame love for the situation that they're in.

Love is just a title it's not a person people do things to people and what it does is give love a bad title. When love has nothing to do with it. People say! ( how could love do this to me?) Love can not answer your question because it's not a person. It's a four letter word it's just something you can feel but you can't see it. Like the wind you can feel it but you can't see it.

Then there's the ones that blame God or Satin for their problems that they have. ( I hate God) ( Why would God do this to me?) ( The devil made me do it.)All of these are excuses because people don't want to take responsibility for their actions that they've created in their own life. You may say to yourself that this absolutely has nothing at all to do with relationships. But see it does when another person places the blame on another human being.

Paulena did it she left me for another man. Arnold did it he got me pregnant maybe it's him no, I don't know who the babies daddy is. We are the reason for our own mistakes none else is the blame. We don't want to deal with our own flaws because well, it's easy just to pretend as if we don't have them. We project them on to other people. Let's just face it hurt people hurt other people it's just that simple.

It causes chaos, friction and uncomfortablity to where we don't want to be in then the tower wants to come down. What do we do when we find out that the one we suspected all along was the one we thought they were from the very beginning? We feel ashamed, we feel lost, angry, betrayed. Like love will never exist we will never find it. our trust is broken and will never be restored again.

This was all of me I've been in these situations twice, because I went in foolishly with my heart open and my mind closed. I stumbled , I fell for what I thought was love but wasn't love at all. I got caught up in a cross fire. I never really knew the true definition of real love or a real relationship until I experienced the total opposite of being mistreated. I wasn't assertive enough I let people walk all over me like a door mat.

The word no, wasn't in my vocabulary. I tried to be captain saver hoe to someone's that didn't want to be saved twice. The hero is always the one that pays in the end. But the thing is you only become a victim to non Sense when you allow non sense in your life. Nobody can't do to you what you don't allow them to do. A person or people can only get over on you if you let them. I did let people get over on me I didn't say nothing like it was okay and that's not okay.

That's when you should say something you don't let it ryde you don't allow it to keep going on. It's only going to escalate further on down the rode. It let's this person know that if I can get away with this one time and they stay. Then I can do it again and again and again. This is master manipulation. its like going to the store buying a product that you never really wanted in the first place. You see the cashier ring the item up in the store. You think it's the right thing until you get home look in the bag and you go this is not the item that I wanted. You don't take it back to the store to let the cashier know hey you made a mistake by giving me the wrong item.

That's when we do hold on to things we don't need. We try to keep and put a label on it. Try to change it make it different when it's the same item we had all along.i realize that a person will only tell you about themselves what only they want you to know. Not what is true but what is a front because it's easier for you to fall for a pretend person that they trying so hard to be. They want to impress their victims by things that they really don't have or really can't afford.



Women are obsessed with the cycles of being defined in societies eyes. Today's generation of what attractive woman should look like all women have to look exactly the same. They have to be the same size skinny, thin, fit, patite. All women have to act the same and feel the same. They reprogram our women and then they buy the stories. They read the megazines they watch reality television shows and soap operas. They wear it, they sport it, they believe in it. This is absolutely the reason relationships don't have the chance to run it's course.

Men and women are too picky they want a dream women or a dream man. The term nothing lasts for ever the words are true. If you are not yourself you have lost the true identity of whom you really are because you allow the personal public to change you. You allow the opinions of another or other to determine the person you are. You allow the media to have an opinion, you allow the tabloids to change you. It's A false image fake eye lashes, fake nails, fake weave, make up, we need to get back to the our roots.

The real person that we are on the inside not on the outside. We too afraid of what our family or our friends definitely your man may think or say because you allow them to put you up to that standard. Because we as women believe that that's who we are in order to date or be in a relationship. We have to be someone else or pretend because it's a comfort. All women are beautiful in their own essential unique way. We don't like what we see when we look in the mirror so we have attachments.

This is what black little girls are taught brought up and raised when their young and innocent. They learning what they see and what they hear. Mother's lying to our daughters. You can be the next machell Obama, you can be the next Oprah, the next Beyonce, the next Kim Kardashian. Those women are not happy they lack something in their lives. If they were happy they would just be comfortable with being themselves skin deep inside and out. All these things are created to make women feel insecure about themselves.

I'm not saying we are apart of the problem in relationships but, we are definitely not the solution. Rachet, ghetto, sassy, bouji, baby momma, baby daddy drama. Yeah I'm included in that segment as well. I got some of my own mess going on myself. Men don't wanna be our girlfriends they don't wanna feel like a female. They wanna take us home and bone us. They wanna feel like a man at all times. They want to watch the football game without us coming to them asking them dumb ass questions during the game.

Wearing little outfits distracting them during the game. Standing in front of the television set like you made of glass. Go sit your ass down somewhere. They not gone say it but, they thinking it cause they wanna be able to have sex once the game is over.



Coffee comes in a cup it makes you smile it wakes you up in the morning. If only relationships were that simple. We can get what we need box it up take it to go. It motivates us gives our mind stimulation and our bodies energy. Relationships are universal ethnicity, religion, and politics doesn't discriminate but, us women tend to stick it to a man. This is the new modern age where age and race doesn't matter. The goal is to find someone we're compatible with.

Someone that cares about you and accept you for who you are. People all the time forget that we as individuals have flaws. People date outside of their own race all the te time to find comfort. Black, White, indian, Spanish , Chinese. How often do you hear the average black woman say? (What is he doing with her?) Here's another! ( Black brothas are a disgrace to their own race!) My favorite of all time! (He ain't shit!) I thought relationships were relationships no matter the color and that color is just a pronoun!

When a black woman is in a relationship and it doesn't workout for whatever reason. He leaves! He decides to date a woman outside of his race. This is the problem with the woman. Her problem is not with the black woman her problem is with the white woman because she is white, she takes up the majority of most our black men. If it's an ex her problem is not with a sista, it's triffling men like him. It's a never ending cycle we tend to date the same men and women over and over again not matter the color.

How about a white man dating a black woman? It affects black men but in a different sense. Men don't hold on to shit like females do. We take shit personal to another level we keep it going over and over again. How men treated us what they've done to us and then we meet another and we find ourselves right back in the same f***ed up situation we were in from the start. I wish women can let shit go like men move on and act like it don't phase is one bit.

Go home, chill, turn on the TV, be watch the game, eat, sit on the toilet and pass the bullshit through. Women get too clingy too attached to their feelings. Why are wen so competitive against other women? Especially when we see another woman with. ex. Let that shit go! now the other woman walking down the street sporting the man we once had. Now this b**** walking around bitter and mad at the world and every man she get into a relationship with he can't find out why.

It's cause she carring baggage she never gotten over what the first, second and third man done to her. She mad! ( Look at that b****!) ( she took my man!) (I can't stand that b****!) Your man? How is he yours? Did you walk in a store and purchase him? Bought him? Take the tag off? People don't own other people. Unless of course you're married. Even then, nobody owns nobody still. Men do the same shit rent own a woman take off display.

Only because we let it be known that we are for sale. ( Just as long as he taking care of me paying my bills!) ( Giving me money to go shopping!) It's not cute it's ignorant and a job never hurt nobody. A little hard work never hurt anyone. That's the reason right there men misuse us. This is the problem with society and the black population. We hold men and women to a certain standard how good he looks. How good she looks. Ewww she got a fat ass, He got a nice Escalade. What of car he drives, what kind of car she drives. If he or she has an A1 credit score.



Nobody anymore says I'm looking for someone to accept me for who I am. I'm looking for someone to respect.

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