The Diary of a Lazy, Random, and Weird Person

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If this story sounds familiar, or if the cover story seems familiar, it's because you have a Wattpad account, and have come across this "diary." As summarized on Wattpad: "The chronicles and misadventures in a diary of a lazy person, who has "Peter-Pan" syndrome, and the "do-it-tomorrow" attitude. *Don't expect anything other than lazy writing. *If you don't find it funny, I don't blame ya. It will be most likely those who I personally know that will understand my humor - I've been told that I have a specific type of humor that those closest to me, only get. *Please no rude, or hateful comments of any kind. If you don't like my story, just stop reading."

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I guess you can call it a prologue?

Okay, so if you know this "story" (I'm still confused as to what it really is, I call it a "project" on Wattpad) from Wattpad, you know the deal. And if you do know it from the Wattpad platform, and are confused as to will I remove it from said platform, or not, rest assured I will not. I will most likely first "publish" (I really don't think I should be using the word publish, because I'm merely just posting my chapters out there on the interconnected-web) chapters on Wattpad, then here on Inkitt, although I really have fallen in love with Inkitt, so I'm thinking of just continuing here. I don't know. Anyways, what is The Diary of a Lazy, Random, and Weird Person? Well as the title suggests it is the diary of a lazy, random, and weird person. Person being me, and the writing that you will read will be lazy, random, and (you guessed it) weird. In short this "story" is an example of lazy writing, and it will be filled with my random and weird thoughts. I don't know what else to say, the title is self-explanatory. Enjoy.
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