The Diary of a Lazy, Random, and Weird Person

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First Thing's First

Entry One: First Thing’s First, or “Prologue” (Cuz I guess thats the equivalent)

Author’s Note

Hi. There are a couple of things I hope this story will achieve. One, with your help this story launches my writing career (but in the end that really boils down to me). And two, again with your help I hope to be cured from my “Peter-Pan” syndrome, and I will be rid of my “the-tomorrow” attitude (also known as “I’ll-do-it-tomorrow” attitude) - I need someone to hold me accountable, so please help.

Like I said in the description, I’m a lazy person, and this story is essentially me exposing my thoughts as a lazy person, who also has a short-attention span. So this story, in a couple of words, is going to be lazy, random writing. So don’t get your hopes up high, if I truly wish anything will be achieved by this “story” (it’s really not a story) is that at least one person will be able to relate to my struggles and thoughts, and is that majority of y’all find it funny. So I hope you guys enjoy this story as long as it lasts.

One more thing, I’ll probably just write really long entries just so I can keep focused.

To sum it all up, this is me trying to achieve one dream of mine, publishing a biography. Who say’s you need to be a rich, famous person for that.


Entry One: First Thing’s First

Hi. My name is (blank). Not gonna say my name, for my own personal reasons. But I’ll say this, I am the youngest of three children. I’m currently searching for an identity, in relation to culture, ethnicity, society, and nationality - that’s a whole entire story. I am a girl. I believe in a higher power (not gonna clarify what my religious beliefs are, just cuz), aka I believe in God. And that’s that. Ha, I guess I really don’t need to publish a biography, because it turns out my life can be summed up in a couple of sentences - three sentences to be exact. What else? (I’m honestly just writing, posting what’s popping into my mind, not even editing - see I told you lazy writing, but I honestly believe that unedited writing is the most, honest, and pure version of the work (super random, but that’s what you agreed to when you clicked on this story)). I’m currently majoring in English Literature, I’m an undergrad (figure out my age (you’re gonna see a lot of these brackets, cuz what did I tell you, this is me exposing myself to the world, so don’t I deserve the freedom of expressing my thoughts in any way I see fit?)), and I live in North America. I’ve said waaaay too much (even though I didn’t). Anyways, I like to write poetry, or rather free verse - because I like the freedom free verse poetry offers, but mainly because I suck at poetry - so you’re gonna read probably ship-ton of free verse “poetry” (I don’t think I can give my work that honour yet), written by your’s truly me. So, entry one is titled “First Thing’s First,” because it is basically a guide for you, the readers, on how this diary will work - essentially it will be random, and lazy writing. So today I might be talking about faith, and God, and tomorrow (the next entry) I might be talking about love (I will most likely talk about love, and share my pathetic experiences in hopes of getting an answer from those of you who are more experienced in said field). Anyways (again), that’s me your weird, lazy-bones, random writer LightQualityCheese (that actually is derived from my name (I definitely now have you thinking I am weird.)) Oh yeah, I am a very sarcastic person - who thinks they’re funny - so my writing is sarcastic and there’s a lot of jokes that I most likely will be the only one to get, so please take majority, if not all of my writing, and thoughts with a grain of salt. So thank you for reading this long-a chapter, giving me a chance, and see you soon (most likely not, cuz I’m lazy!) Bye-bye.

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