The Diary of a Lazy, Random, and Weird Person

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Thoughts about "Entry Two," and more...

Entry Three: Thoughts about “Entry Two,” and more

I feel like I should congratulate myself on making it to “Entry Three,” I really feel like I should. So I’m gonna pat myself on the back, because that’s the type of person I am. So “Entry Two”? Looking back at it, I really don’t like it, but I’m gonna keep it because this is lazy writing. And like I’ve said hundred times over, this lazy writing will be the only thing consistent throughout this diary. So that’s it.

My sister read the first entry, and she liked it. Now I feel this pressure to keep up the same standard of quality I delivered with the first entry. Which is ironic, because the whole point of this project is me writing my thoughts down, as they come, which ergo means that whatever I write down is random, lazy, and only I will get it. So I don’t know. This is another problem I have. Whenever I right something that naturally comes to be, people like it. This external encouragement then develops into this mountain of pressure, and then I give up. And before you know it, months have passed by that I have wasted. I need to get out of this cycle. I need to stop it. But I don’t how!!!!!

(Kinda random thought gonna happen right now...) This time I am determined, DETERMINED (I’m sorry I don’t know why I’m shouting it at you (although, technically I’m not shouting at you because you’re reading this, so were not face to face, buuuut it’s the fact that “determined” is in capital that denotes (yes I know what the meaning of “denotes” is!! (there’s alot of brackets being used here, it’s like the matryoshka dolls of brackets in here, bracket inside bracket, inside bracket.... ) ) that does argue that I am virtually yelling at you. Anyways, I’m sorry. Also sorry for the excessive use of brackets.) ).

(I decided to give each bracket it’s own format, so it can be easier to read, because like I said it’s “the matryoshka dolls of brackets” - sorry I did it again).

Whew! I never thought I was gonna get out of that trap.

I lost my train of thought. Oh yeah! I was talking about being determined to finish this diary. So yeah, this time I am determined to finish this project, because I want to, for the first time in my life, finish something that I have started - another project that I wanna do, is publish multiple literary works of mine that are unfinished in a book, and title the book Unfinished Art?. You know what, this diary is gonna be that! Along with my finished poetry (ha, I think it’s poetry! Haha! I make myself laugh sometimes), I will post one here ... (It’s been a little over a week, because I’m lazy, so I don’t remember the thought, let me try. Nope I don’t remember. What did I even mean with that last unfinished sentence). Oh!!! Now I remember, I’m thinking of posting finished and unfinished work, poetry and prose.

Wow, I feel like in the past week I wanted to write soooooo much more then what I wrote. Hmmmm, I’m gonna end this entry, and start the next one - which will be your first time reading work of mine that is both finished and “polished” (in that it is not lazy writing.) I think the next few entries will be a few of my short stories y’all can read, so yeppers.

Here’s a “guide” (to be constantly updated (because some of them are unfinished, and I might continue them so you’ll see “.#” entries))

Entry Three: The Devil’s Lake

Entry Four- Not Seven (I hate that number, don’t ask me why): The Boy and the Fairy - Each entry will be the same story from different perspectives

Entry Seven: “Her Story” (The title is yet to be determined. Plus entry four might be this story, I dunno yet).

Give me five minutes and the first story will be published.

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