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My mind fell for him for a second, so did my heart. My mind realized reality, but my heart didn't.

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Chapter 1: "Pompous white jerk"


“GET DOWN, GET DOWN,” I SIGNALED WITH MY HAND “agent,13 you almost got yourself killed” I sighed, grabbing her hand and took her to the back of the wall that separates the living room and the hallway.

“I didn’t know,” shrugged Mika, my five-year-old sister” “I thought that was our safe zone,” she pointed at the fort we made in the living room.

“Shhh, don’t point and whisper,” pulling her hand down “it was a safe zone at the beginning, but now it’s not,” I whispered close to her ear.

Turning her face towards me, “why?” she asked, whispering back.

“They took” I looked left and right for a dramatic pause “the key” she looked at me shocked.

“T-the key,” I nodded “that means they can enter any area,” I nodded again.

“Yes, that means we have to, be careful,” pointing firmly to my chest in the first room, “they come from anywhere” suddenly, we heard movement.

“Look and see if someone is there” she moved her head from the wall to look at the room, “can you see anyone, Mika?”

“Its agent 13 and….“, she inspected the room again, looking from left to right “no.”

I was looking in the same direction as hers and didn’t realize that there is someone behind me. We heard the clicking of the nerf gun.

Mika stilled, and I froze.

“Surrender your weapons, or you will be shot” I raised my hand, and my nerf gun is dangling on my left-hand thumb. “Turn around slowly and put the gun on the ground,” I did as he said.

Out the corner of my eye, I saw Mika frozen. Bending down, putting the gun on the ground, and while I was getting back up, I lightly kicked Mika’s leg.

I shouted, “RUN!!”

She squealed loudly and started running, but she didn’t get far “uhhh I got you, you little bugger” the other enemy carried her on his shoulder.

She started kicking and hitting his back. He wasn’t fazed one-bit “oh, are you really going to keep hitting my back? I will show you-“the enemy could not finish his sentence because a tiny foot went to his mouth.

My younger 14-year-old brother, Enzo, and I dropped our act and started laughing at my 22-year-old older brother zekes disgusted facial expression.

“you little..” he dropped Mika on the couch and started tickling her, she started squirming and laughing loudly “say I surrender and I will stop” she kept trying to have a straight face on. “I am going to give you one last chance to say it.” She didn’t say anything for a few seconds.

“I surrender I surrender,” she squealed out, not taking it anymore. Zeke stops not before messing her hair around a little.

We heard the door clicking and closing, “I am home,” shouted tove my older 20-year-old sister. She came into the living room and looked around, seeing the mess, “why am I not surprised?” she smiled.

Our dog Stevie lifted his head from his doggie bed when he heard Taves’s voice “TAVIEE,” we all said in unison at the same time I go to hug her.

“I missed you,” I told her, squeezing her into a hug.

“Dove let her breathe,” Enzo told me, pulling me back to hug Tave.

“How were the plane and car ride here?” asked Zeke, flopping himself down the recliner couch.

She shrugged, “It was like any other I came to visit. Where are mum and dad?” she asked, kneeling to pet Stevie.

“They went to get groceries,” I told her, “and that reminds me, you guys, we have to clean the room before mum comes back and sees it” we all scrambled right away to start putting everything into place.

“Well, since you guys made the mess and I just came back from my trip, I am going to my room” Tave took her bags that are next to the door and went to her room.

The parents bought pizza with them, so we sat in the dining room table, munching on bread topped with delicious marinara sauce and cheese.

Mum gets up from the table and puts her plate in the sink “Are you guys ready for your first day of school tomorrow?” mum asks us while she scrubs her plate, putting it in the dishwasher

Enzo and I groan “mum that’s a question you know the answer to,” Enzo tells her putting his hands on his chubby cheeks making them chubbier

Mum squeezed his cheeks which made him push her hand away and jokingly pout at her “which is?” she smiles knowingly

“Well mummy dearest are we ever ready to go back to the cycle of homework, tests, and quizzes, and project assignments that I will never see the use of and for me I have to study for GSCE exam this year to my luck,” I told her she shrugged smiling knowing this was our answer every year

Dad chuckled, “at least this will be your last year Dove,” he tells me, grabbing the last slice of pizza.

I crossed my arms, “I know, but I will still have the same cycle in college. It will never end.”

“True that,” tave said, and Zeke pointed at me. “It isn’t weird that I have my summer vacation now, and you guys are starting tomorrow,” she said, smirking at us.

Enzo and I gave her a bored look, Mika not caring at all since she is excited to start her last year of kindergarten tomorrow “way to rub it in” I told her

“You guys rubbed it on me when you had your summer vacation remember?” tave pointed out

“I know, but that’s different” murmured Enzo

“That isn’t any different” she got up from the table doing the same thing mum did.

“And I am finally going back to college for my final year,” Zeke informed us doing a little dance. Mum went to him, kissing him on his cheek, making him smile.

“I am so proud of you, tell us when graduation so we can buy the tickets to come to you,” mum told him, he nodded his head and she took Mika’s plate and grabbing her hand to get her ready for bed.

My dad smiles proudly at Zeke “what about you Enzo tomorrow it’s your first day of high school how are you feeling now” he asks him

“I am kind of nervous, to be honest I know I have to work even harder for the next few years to keep my grades up” Enzo answers

I put my hand on his shoulder “Believe me. You will get bored by junior year”.

“Hey!” mum swats my shoulder “don’t discourse him” she points at me

Giving her a guilty smile “Sorry” I turned back to him “Really the next few years enjoy them work hard just don’t put too much pressure on yourself that’s all I have to say”

Later that night, as I was doing my skincare routine when tave comes into my room and plops herself onto my bed, scaring my cat angel, “sorry angel,” she said, looking at her.

“Yes, Tave?” I asked

Grabbing the magazine that’s on my bed, “I came to check on you,” she took out her phone and took a picture of the outfit she liked.

I looked at her curiously from my mirror, “Why do you need to check on me?” I asked, grabbing my moisturizer from the drawer next to my vanity mirror.

She turns to look at me “I genuinely want to know how you are feeling about tomorrow” she asks me grabbing my fluffy pillow and putting her chin underneath it

I stood up and plopped myself next to her on the bed “I am scared” I looked at her “I am scared because I have less than a year to figure out what I want to become and what colleges I want to apply to. I haven’t started the year yet, and I am stressed out already,” I let out a breath and closed my eyes.

“You will figure it out, I know you will” she grabbed my hand “the best advice I could give you is that enjoy your last year of high school because I regret not enjoying mine” she squeezed my hand and let go.

I felt the bed move, “how was college?” I asked her, opening one eye to look at her.

She smiled “I think this year its the most fun we ever had, we finally started going to explore under the ocean and understanding the water and the creatures inside of it” she excitingly took out her phone to show me a picture of her next to a scuba tank “like its the most fun I ever had in Australia even though I still take exams and lectures but finally the fun part came”

I smiled so happy for her to finally get what she’s been studying her whole life for. “All the studying was worth it in the end, huh?” I fixed my position to know I was lying on my stomach.

She did the same “It was, my friends and I thought since it is still summer now maybe in like two weeks we go visit the coral reefs in either Belize or Maldives,” she told me.

“That’s exciting, but have you told mum and dad of this sudden trip” I raised my eyebrow.

“No I will tomorrow, it is just going to be for ten days, and I am going to come back it won’t be for long” she got up and went to my vanity table and grabbed a nail polish “Can I color your nails?” instead of answering I extended my hand towards her, I got up. I sat properly on my bed. She took one of my pillows and tissue and grabbed my hand, and started coloring them.

“I am probably going to go the same day Zeke goes back to college” I pouted

“So I’ll be back to being the oldest sibling in the house again, I don’t like it” I continued to pout making her laugh.

After she was done painting my nails, we talked for a bit and said our goodnights.

I woke up not from my alarm but the smell burnt pancakes. My mum has this yearly tradition that every first day of school and only on the first day, she would wake up earlier than usual and make us the extravagant first day of school breakfast. Almost every year, she burns the pancakes while she is busy doing something else.

I got ready for school and went to the kitchen everyone was already there “Good morning” I kissed mum on her cheek and dad on his forehead.

“Good morning” she smiled, and I sat down

“Why are you two awake?” I pointed at Tove and Zeke.

“And miss first-day breakfast” Zeke shoved a cinnamon roll into his mouth, “I think not” I cringed when h

“Its one of the things I miss most about home is mummy special breakfast” she grabbed a croissant from the plate and handing me one too.

After we were down eating me and Enzo put our shoes on, said goodbyes, grabbed our skateboards, and went to school. We live in a kind of new small town a little bit outside of Brighton. And our school is a walking distance from home nearly every student either walks or skates there.

When we arrived at school, I put my hands on Enzo’s shoulder. “Welcome to Oliver high baby brother,” he gave me a small nervous smile, and we went in.

As soon as we entered, there were a lot of smiles, screeches, and chatter. Since everyone is from different parts of the world and everyone visited their families in their hometowns- coming back to school is quite exciting.

“Doveeyyyyyyyyy” I was suddenly engulfed from behind in a big hug “I missed my crazy curly-haired munchkin,” said Davu, I squealed, dropped my skateboard on the floor and gave them a proper hug.

“Dude, I missed you so much you don’t even know” I released them from the hug and tugged there beanie. They swatted my hand away and put their hands around my shoulder and looked at Enzo, who looked utterly lost.

“Enny welcome to high school,” Davu told him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Enzo snapped out of his stare and looked at Davu and smiled. “Hey Davu,” he gave them a side hug. “How was Lagos?”

“Same old same old meet the family and yadda yadda” They waved their hands in a dismissing manner. “Anyways, go to homeroom and meet your new and old friends,” they shoved Enzo’s back.

“See you after school,” Enzo waved and left.

I grabbed my skateboard from the floor, and we started walking to our homeroom class. Davu’s phone dinged, and they grabbed it from there back pocket. They smiled and showed me the text. “I miss her when is she coming back?”

“Next week.”

We reached the homeroom class, and as soon as we entered, we were attacked in a bear hug by Indah. “Woah, Indah, you almost made me fall,” I told her.

“Hi shorty,” Davu pushed her head away from them so they could see her face “you got tanner, and its the first time I see your skin getting peeled,” they pointed at her face.

“I know I sat under the sun from sunrise till sunset teaching surfing lessons. We had a lot of tourists this year come to Bali, and a lot of them wanted private surfing lessons”, she explained, playing with her peeled face, and Davu swatted her hands away from her face.

“Stop playing with it,” he said sternly.

“I can’t help it,” she shrugged.

“Where is the rest of the group?” I asked, looking around the classroom seeing a few students talking.

“They are coming the second period since they arrived pretty late last night,” Indah explained, sitting in one of the chairs, and Davu and I followed suit.

The bell rang, signaling that the first class began.

Mr.Leo was halfway done with school rules that I’ve heard from the past six years when I raised my hand to go to the bathroom. Once I was finished with my business. I was walking down the hallway when principle Jacob called out for me.

“What are you doing out of class?” with a bored expression, I showed him my bathroom pass. “Very well, meet Khalid and Chris,” he pointed at the blond and brunette boys behind him. “I need you to give them a school tour. what do you have next period?”

“Calculus” I answered

“Okay, I’ll tell Mrs.Davis that you’ll miss her next class,” I nodded, and he left.

“What a pompous scary white jerk,” I said quietly to my self.

Both of the boys laughed.

A/N: This is my first book. I never wrote books before, so please tell me if I have any grammatical errors.

Comment what you would like to see in the foreseeable chapters.

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