Waiting for My Mate

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My name is Vincent Durant; I am 18 years old and have no siblings. I have chestnut colored hair and green eyes. I am also 6’2” and live with my Dad. My Dad is 6’9” has black hair and also has green eyes. He’s a lawyer and our family is in the high middle class. Oh yeah I forgot to mention we are also werewolves. I have found my well actually you’ll find out if I found my mate or not. My wolf is a timber wolf and my Dad’s wolf is a pure white wolf. I never knew who my mother was because she died giving birth to me. Anyway my best friend is the future Alpha and Beta. They are both quite protective of me because of my status in the pack. I am an omega. It’s not uncommon for a pack to have some omegas and it’s never a big problem, but there are those that think omegas are weak and useless. At any rate let’s start my story.

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Chapter 1


My name is Vincent Durant; I am 18 years old and have no siblings. I have chestnut colored hair and green eyes. I am also 6’2” and live with my Dad. My Dad is 6’9” has black hair and also has green eyes. He’s a lawyer and our family is in the high middle class. Oh yeah I forgot to mention we are also werewolves. I have found my well actually you’ll find out if I found my mate or not. My wolf is a timber wolf and my Dad’s wolf is a pure white wolf. I never knew who my mother was because she died giving birth to me. Anyway my best friend is the future Alpha and Beta. They are both quite protective of me because of my status in the pack. I am an omega. It’s not uncommon for a pack to have some omegas and it’s never a big problem, but there are those that think omegas are weak and useless. At any rate let’s start my story.

This starts with my 18 birthday. I woke up and remembered that my 18th birthday was today. I was ecstatic. My wolf was also very excited it was jumping around in my head and yipping today we will find our mate over and over again. As I entered the kitchen I saw my best friends sitting at the table talking with my father who was at the stove cooking. “Good morning Dad, Phillip, David.” Phillip is the alphas son and is as straight as anyone could be. David is gay and proud of it. I’m also gay and everyone knows that. As I enter the room my wolf starts screaming mate over and over again. Phillips eyes flash a blue color and my father and David look surprised. Then Phillip looks coldly at me and my Dad suddenly growls, “If you are going to do what I think-“he doesn’t finish his sentence because Phillip then says the words that break my heart. “I Phillip Graystone of the Bittercrest pack reject Vincent Durant as my mate.” In a voice so cold it hurt. With my wolf whining in the back of my head I look at Phillip and Phillip eyes don’t even show regret, they are just cold and unfriendly. He then continues, “From this point forward we are no longer friends and I don’t ever want to see you again.” He spits out the again with so much venom I know I will never be able to talk to him or David again. Holding back my tears I just nod my head and then bolt up the stairs as my body is consumed by the pain of being rejected. I hear my father growl loudly “Get the hell out of my house and don’t ever come back again!” I then hear two pairs of footsteps coming up the stairs, the door opens to reveal my father and my former still shocked friend David. David walks in as if nothing happened, “Well that was eventful.” He looks around and then spies my video game collection; he spins around with a devilish grin on his face. Fearing for the worst I brace myself, “I challenge you to beat me at Mario Kart instead of going to school today.” He then flops on my bed and looks at me expectantly. “Are you not going to follow your alpha?” He gives me a look, “Just because he doesn’t want to be your friend doesn’t mean I can’t be. Now are you going to accept the challenge or are we going to have to go to school?” Grinning I accept his challenge promising to beat his ass. “David you know I’m going to have to call your parents to inform them that you are not going to be in school and the reason right?” Nodding his head yes David grabbed the Mario Kart from my shelf of video games and looked at me with a crazy smile, “Let’s play some Mario Kart!” After 34ish rounds of Mario Kart my father knocked on my door, “Boys, lunch is ready!” Tossing the controllers onto my bed we bolt for the door and run down to the kitchen. Looking at the kitchen my dad cooked my favorite; although it is simple it’s a classic, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Sitting down I start eating my lunch when my father asks me the most difficult question to answer, “How are you holding up son?” Looking at him I answer honestly, “Not good. I always dreamed of finding my mate only to be rejected by them.” David looks at me sympathetically but stays quiet, which I’m glad for. As the day goes on my depression only worsens. My wolf is completely heartbroken that our mate didn’t accept us. Sighing I go to bed to sleep because I don’t want to do anything just sleep. Saying good bye to David I head straight to my room and face-plant onto my bed. Curling up, I shut off the light and go to sleep.

Waking up the next day was torture because I knew I had to go back to school. Hugging my dad good bye I walk into the school and try to make sure I won’t cross paths with Phillip. As I hurry on to class I see Phillip I quickly try to walk past him but he grabs my collar and sneers, “Where do you think you’re going?” Trembling I don’t say anything, he then lets his new friends hit me over and over until I’m curled up in a fetal position and crying. He laughs and leaves me to get up on my own. “What the hell happened to you?” Looking up I see a horrified and distraught David. Shaking my head I respond nothing and continue to class.

Three Months Later . . .

It hasn’t stopped at all. Phillip keeps bullying me and its gotten worse. I don’t know what makes the bullying hurt more, the fact that he used to be my friend, or the fact that he was my mate and rejected me. At this point I wanted to die, so I took the next best option. I ran away. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay in this town at all so I saved up all of my money from work, bought a plane ticket to London, packed my bag, and left. I left a note for my father so he knew why I left and that I would call him sometime. Taking a taxi to the airport I knew that my Dad wouldn’t find out that I left until he finished work, which would be six hours from now. It was only 11 a.m. on Saturday. Climbing aboard I sit back and wait for the flight to take off. After sitting for fifteen minutes the flight attendants went through all of the security protocol and what not and then the plane left and I said a final goodbye to my home. As the plane lifted off my wolf started whining and whimpering, why are you leaving? Imagine the pain your father will be in when he finds out you ran away! He has been so worried about you. I know Arthur, but I have to. I can’t take the bullying anymore. If you’re sure Vincent, but I’m still not convinced that you should leave. I blocked off my wolf because if he keeps talking I know I will start crying. Closing my eyes I fall asleep.

I was jolted awake by the plane landing on the runway and a flight attendant shaking me. “Excuse me sir we have landed in London.” Smiling at her I thank her and grab my backpack and walk toward the entrance gate and 30 minutes later, got my suitcase and made it through security. I pull out my phone and stare at a phone number I haven’t contacted in 3 years. My former best friends Logan and Ariel Masters had moved to London three years ago. They also were friends with David and Phillip. I end up taking a deep breath and calling Logan. Ring, Ring, Ring, after four rings Logan finally picks up. “Hello? Vincent what’s going on, why are you calling me? “Hey Logan um I’m calling you because I’m in London and was wondering if you could pick me up. Don’t ask why, I’ll tell you and Ariel when we get to your new pack, the Silent Pelt pack.” After a long pause I started to get worried, “Logan?” “Um yeah sure I’ll pick you up, sorry I was mind linking my parents to tell them that you’re here and if you can come over, they said you could.” Breathing a sigh of relief I said a quick thank you and told him where I am and sat down on the nearest bench waiting. After about 45 minutes a dark blue Honda pulls up. Logan get’s out and walks over to me, “Hey man, are you ready to go?” Nodding my head I take my suitcase and backpack and stuff them into the trunk of the car and get in beside Logan. “So do you want to talk about it now or wait until we get to the house and talk to both me and Ariel?” I look down at my hands I don’t say anything for a while and then respond, “Let’s wait until I can talk to both you and Ariel” He nods and turns on the radio. I look out the window and stare as the county side changes becoming denser with trees and I know we have entered the entrance to the Silent Pelt territory. After another 20 minutes of driving we arrive at Logan’s house. Getting out I hear the shrill voice of Ariel, “Vincent Durant you don’t contact us for 3 years and you appear on our driveway?!” Wincing I turn around and see Ariel standing near the doorway with her hands on her hips. “Sorry Ariel, I um don’t have an excuse for not contacting you, I just forgot?” Shaking her head she barrels toward me and hugs me. Pulling back she smiles her blond hair catching the sun, “It doesn’t matter, but I’ve got to say I missed you and our excursions around the park.” I chuckle dryly, “I do to Ariel, but you what I’ve got to say to explain my sudden appearance in London will not make you happy.” Her face grows serious “Let’s go to Logan’s room, your bunking with him anyway.” Logan nods and carries my suitcase to his room. Following behind I take in how nice their house look. The sun catches the pale yellow paint in the living room, and how the brown couches complement the beautiful white rug on the hard wood floor. We head up the stairs and Logan opens the last door on the left, “This is my room.” Raising my eyebrows I take in his room. He painted his room a burgundy color and the he ironically has a bunk bed in his room. The sheets on his bunk bed are a nice crimson color with white pillows. He has a desk in his room that is covered in books the books are obviously from the pack school. “You’re lucky you came during winter break, Mom’s enrolling you in the second semester of school here and is getting your records from your previous school,” Ariel says. I smile, “Remind me to tell your mother thanks for everything. So before I forget did you guys find your mates?” Ariel shakes her head and reminds me that their birthday is in June. “What about you?” Ariel asks. Frowning I nod and ask them, “That’s one of the reasons why I came here.” Sitting on the bottom bunk bed Ariel gives me a look, “Spill!” Logan goes and sits down at the desk chair both looking at me expectantly. “Three months ago about two weeks after school started I found my mate. My mate was Phillip the Alpha remember him?” Both nodding I continue my story, “Well he was not happy that his mate was a boy, I’m speculating here, and rejected me.” Both werewolves gasp in shock and look very surprised. “He told me never to talk to him again and then my father kicked him out of the house. The past three months Phillip bullied me with his jockey friends. Finally I had enough and made up my mind to run away and come here.” Ariel looks at me with sympathy while Logan had gotten up and was pacing quite angrily. “I had saved up my money from work, packed my bags, left a note to Dad, and left.” Logan freezes, “Did you even ask your dad to help or even tell him or did you just leave?” Looking down my sight was blurred by tears that were threatening to fall, “I just left, didn’t even tell my dad what I had planned.” My voice broke at the end of that sentence. Ariel takes my hand and pulls me to sit down while rubbing my back. “You know you’re going to have to call him and reassure him that you’re okay and alive and explain why you ran away.” Taking a shuddering deep breath I nod. Smiling Ariel gets up and tells me that she will leave me with Logan and leaves. Logan sighs, “I can’t believe Phillip would do something like that.” I give him a look, “You know that he’s straight as a chopstick.” Laughing Logan agrees with me. “So you have the top bunk since I sleep on the bottom one.” I smile and then frown, “Wait, why do you have a bunk bed if you have your own room?” He blushes and looks down. “I um when we first moved here I had terrible nightmares and Dad would sometimes sleep on the top bunk to um keep me company.” I nod, “Oh that makes sense, but why have you kept it?” He laughs, “I keep it because sometimes Ariel and I will study for hours and then she’ll fall asleep on the top bunk.” I nod and think about it, “That sounds like something Ariel would do.” Climbing up to the top bunk I look down and say, “I think I’m going to rest a bit until I meet your parents.” He nods and then starts to study. Flopping down I close my eyes and sleep quickly comes.

Opening my eyes I look around frantically until I remember I’m in Logan’s room. Climbing down from the bunk bed I walk down the hall and see Ariel lying on the couch doing something on her phone, “Hey Ariel.” She looks over and smiles, “Hey Vincent, sleep well?” Nodding my head yes I sit on the couch next to her feet. “Mom and Dad are coming home in about two minutes and they know everything so you won’t have to repeat the story again.” Smiling at her gratefully I pick up the book that I brought down with me and start reading. Exactly two minutes later right on the dot I hear the garage door open. Raising my eyebrows at Ariel, “Well they’re either very prompt or you’re a good guesser.” She responds with a smirk, “I’m a good guesser.” Just then Mr. and Mrs. Masters come in. Getting up I walk over to Mr. and Mrs. Masters, “Hello, thank you for taking me in, if it’s too much trouble I can always leave and find a hotel or something.” Mrs. Masters’ smiles at me while Mr. Masters nod’s toward me. “Please Vincent, call me Elle and you can call my husband Daniel. It’s no trouble for you to stay here, I’m so sorry that your mate rejected you. It’s just not right.” Smiling I thank her and head back to Ariel who is opening some kind of giant bag of candy. “Really Ariel that’s a lot of candy to eat all for one person; you’re going to get sick eating all of that candy.” She glares at me, “It’s not going to kill me you know.” Shaking my head I pick up and continue the book from where I left off.

Robert Graystone POV (This one time) back at the Bittercrest Pack

Walking with my beautiful mate we were walking through the park as the sun set. Sighing, I lean my head on Samuel’s shoulder and take a deep breathe as his scent teases my nostrils. Looking at the time I speak, “Sam we should head back it’s getting close to 6 p.m.” Nodding his head we start walking home when I hear the most anguished wolf howl I’ve ever heard and it was coming from my pack! Turning my head to Sam I ask him, “Do you know who that was?” He nods his head looking down sadly, “Yep that was Michael.” I grab Samuel and drag him down to Michael’s house. Michael and Sam and I were best friends when we were in school together. Arriving at his house I bang on the door and shout, “Michael, it’s Robert and Samuel can you please open up!” Samuel looks very worried after 5 minutes, “Break the door!” he exclaims. Grabbing the handle I force the front door open and we hear heart wrenching sobs in Vincent’s room. Sharing a look Sam and I go up to Vincent’s room and see the father on the floor while a note hung limply in his hand. Samuel rushes over and envelopes Michael in a hug and croons to Michael. I go and take the note softly from his hand and start reading it. The more I read the angrier I become, not at Michael, but at my son. By the end of the note I was shaking. Looking down I see Michael looking up at me in fear and I soften a bit, “I’m sorry for the havoc that my son has caused, but your son doesn’t specify where he went he just said England.” Michael whimpers and nods while tears still stream down his face. I feel pity and sympathy for Michael. It may surprise you, but Michael was heartbroken when he found out we were mated to each other and had found our mates before him. He was 18 when he found Julia. Of course when he found his mate he was ecstatic. He then again was heartbroken when poor Julia died in child labor. He was only 19. There are second chance mates, but I don’t really like the idea of him moving away from us. If anything I would pray to the goddess of the moon to make me and Samuel his second chance mates. Pulling Samuel aside I say, “He needs to come home with us. It won’t be good for him to stay here.” Samuel thinks about it, but then shakes his head, “Every time he will see Phillip he will be reminded all over again why his son, the one and only think that kept him going, left!” I sigh with agreement. Looking over at Michael I can see him staring off into the distance and realize that taking care of Vincent is the only thing that kept his sane and not completely giving up after Julia died. Looking sadly at Samuel I decided to call the one person who may be able to do something and that would be one of our other friends in our group Arthur Moore. Ring, Ring after 2 rings he picks up, “Alpha Robert, how can I help you?” “Hey Arthur, can you do me a favor and let Michael stay with you, his son ran away and he’s breaking down.” “Shit, yes of course I’ll come over right now; I’m about 5 minutes away.” “Great thanks” I respond and then hang up. Michael just stares at the wall tears still streaming down his face. The doorbell rings so I get up and open it and reveal Arthur. “Hey Arthur thanks for coming.” He nods and I lead to Michael. As soon as he enters the room I see his eye color change to sea green. He growls “MATE!” Sam and I share a look of surprise, Michael is Arthur’s mate? Arthur rushes forward and cradles Michael and Michael immediately relaxes into Arthur, well isn’t that something!

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