My story Breaking free

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My life whilst trying to Break free from my past I was bullied as a teenager I suffered anxiety at 15 years old , they were the worst years of my life.Theres one thing that got me through it all was dance it gave my a chance to tell my story.

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Chapter 1 my story

I was born on 18th September 1997, I ended been born earlier than expected,I was supposed to be born in December and ended up been in September.

I was in hospital for a few weeks I had septicaemia I fought I was dying I was tiny

I had breathing problems,my parents to a call from the hospital to I had pulled out my breathing tube and that I started breathing on my own it was a miracle but wasn’t straight forward from there. My grandad parents came to see my at hospital they called nearly every day to make sure I was ok my grandad was very protective of my.

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