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My story Breaking free

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My story

Chapter 1 my story

Chapter 2 Child hood

Chapter 3 School life

Chapter 4 Teen age life

Chapter 5 Rumours

Chapter 6 Bullying

Chapter 7 Depression

Chapter 8 Self harming

Chapter 9 Anxiety

Chapter 10 Alice in wonderland

Chapter 11 performing arts dance show

Chapter 12 Jazz night

Chapter 13 friend ship

Chapter 14 my story through dance

Chapter 15 Teachers bullying you

Chapter 16 lonely

Chapter 17 feeling left out

Chapter 18 physical and mental bullying

Chapter 19 insecure

Chapter 20 verbal bullying

Chapter 21 Self expectation

Chapter 22 fears

Chapter 23 emotions

Chapter 24 hurtful words

Chapter 25 College life

Chapter 26 Grieve

Chapter 27 people sticking up for me

Chapter 28 How to defend me self

Chapter 29 Arguments

Chapter 30 anger issues

Chapter 31 Shouting

Chapter 32 Screaming

Chapter 33 people not listening to me

Chapter 34 speech therapist

Chapter 35 Healing

Chapter 36 getting help

Chapter 37 Hockey

Chapter 38 singing lessons

Chapter 39 piano lessons

Chapter 40 dance lessons

Chapter 41 cancelling

Chapter 42 self confidence

Chapter 43 dance saved my life

Chapter 44 music concerts

Chapter 45 holidays

Chapter 46 Christmas

Chapter 47 birthdays

Chapter 48 baking

Chapter 49 cities

Chapter 50 days out

Chapter 51 country life

Chapter 52 home life

Chapter 53 family

Chapter 54 arts and crafts

Chapter 55 meals out

Chapter 56 the day I got my Labrador

Chapter 57 my first job

Chapter 58 volunteering

Chapter 59 fashion and shopping

Chapter 61 listening to music

Chapter 62 The day I got to see Adele in concert

Chapter 63 food and craft festivals

Chapter 64 the day I got to some of the people from the great British bake off

Chapter 65 X factor tour

Chapter 66 one line troll

Chapter 67 I finally got my story

Chapter 68 mindfulness

Chapter 69 light at the end of the tunnel

Chapter 70 Christmas parties

Chapter 71 writing songs

Chapter 72 project search

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