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In an alternate world, where animals, possessing human-like intelligence lived harmoniously together, Charlie and his friends dwelt on their farm. They were living a normal life when they discovered something weird in the hen house. They went through a lot of adventures trying to figure out what the thing was, and how to deal with it. Would they be able to know what the thing was? Would they be able to learn how to deal with it?

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Chapter One

Sun was rising behind the towering mountains, filling the blue velvety sky with rosy pinks and shimmering oranges. The dewy green leaves danced harmoniously with the cool morning breeze, welcoming a new day, a new beginning.

Rocket, the black rooster, woke up. He was about to turn seven years old, yet he was devoted to his work, punctual, and assertive as ever. He gently opened the hen door for fear of waking his dear wife. He breathed in the smell of the dewy morning. Then, he ran to the barn, and jumped up onto the top of it, letting a long “cock-a doodle-doo!”No one seemed to wake up.

“Umm, they may be tried of last night party,” thought Rocket.“I’ll try again,Cock- a doo_”

WhatsApp/Farm group:

Goldie: everyone comes to the hen.UGT!!!

Rocket: sweetheart! Are you okay? WHAT HAPPENED?!

-No response.

Without thinking twice, he jumped off the stall roof and ran quickly to his dear. He flung open the door to see her pacing back and forth, stressed out as ever.

“What happened?!”Shouted Rocket.

“Oh! Come over here, look what I’ve just found,”said Goldie.

In less than ten minutes, all animals were there. First, Charlie came, a seven inches Dalmatian dog.He was the friendliest animal in the farm, and the fastest as well!! He entered the hen. His hazel eyes sparkled with anticipation, and his long tail wagged excitedly. Daffy, the white duck, arrived next with a long brood of ducklings walking after her and quacking noisily.

“You stupid little ducks, get out of the way!”Shouted Indigo.

Indigo was a good looking Siamese cat, with peerless blue eyes. Yet, he was ill-tempered, cynical, and definitely not a morning person! He ran to the coziest corner and sat silently. While daffy gathered all her babies and sat next to Charlie.

“What happened?”whispered daffy into Charlie’s ear.

“I don’t know.she doesn’t want to say anything until all of our friends are here,”Charlie responded.

“Oh my god, I am so excited!”

“Me too!” and they both chuckled.

Nanny, Billy, and Pan, the three sheep,the party lovers, came in together.they’d always been careless about what happened on the farm, but they rushed to the hen, hoping to find some surprise party. they were laughing out loud until indigo gave them a long evil stare. They stopped right away and stood next to the door. Champ, the handsome cocky horse, came in, showing off with his silky brown mane. The stall was the nearest place to the hen, yet he arrived late, hoping to draw some attention.

“Come on Goldie! Everyone’s here. You can tell us,” Said Charlie excitedly.

“This morning, I woke up early, just after Rocket let his first cock-a doodle_”

“Wait for a second! When I crow, no one seems to wake up. But with a single WhatsApp message you all woke up in less than 10mn!”Rocket said, furiously flipping back his long red comb.

After his outburst, there was a heavy silence: no one dared to answer back, until Indigo ejaculated,

“You’re just too old fashioned bro! We do have phones you know… we can set alarms. There’s no need to Crow_”

“Can just both of you stop? I WANT TO TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENDED!! what was I saying ? Yep, I woke up early this morning. I was heading toward the door when I dumped into something. I ran toward the light and turned it on,here it is what I’ve found.”

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