Untitled: An Anthology

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Life is always intriguing. The mystery of life remains an unsolved puzzle for time immemorial. How about unraveling it with a refreshing set of stories? Subtly stroking the key elementals of life, all of which provides an insight to the world we live in today, a few of them also encapsulates how the world has changed during the pandemic. Addressing some conflicts of life; money over life, solitude over separation, freedom over possession, love over ambition. And the biggest dilemma: sacrifice over an instinct to live.

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Another Earth

2014 November 8th, GST 10:38 am

“What the hell?”, the agent breathed, staring at the screen, open-mouthed with shock. “Guys, are you seeing this?”

The large 24-foot screen displayed the satellite zooming in on a planet which looked exactly like Earth; an incredibly rare ‘super-Earth’, as the agents called it. All eyes were fixated on it, as they devoured the exotic twin of Earth, which had both a size and orbit similar to that of regular Earth.

The Director walked into the hall, beaming at the agents

“What a beauty!”, he exclaimed, marveling at his work.

“Run diagnostics and test for chemical precursors of life”, he commanded, still in awe, returning to his office.

No soon as he entered his office, the earpiece beeped: ‘All positive, sir!’

“Are you kidding me?”, he blurted, his eyes wide.

“No, sir. Further tests are being undertaken”

2016 March 27th, GST 8:54 am

“Please welcome Mr. Fernandez Kirchow, the founder of the Diaspora project”, the Director boomed though the mic, welcoming a man of 20, with a pepper stubble, walking towards the podium in a crisp tuxedo, beaming at the audience of press.

“Good morning esteemed faculty. I am glad to announce the completion of ‘Project Diaspora’, which was instigated as an initiative last year following the discovery of Earth’s twin. Life on another planet, which seemed an impossibility is now a reality. I’m limited by the technology of my time, but I believe the spacecraft which can carry a hundred people at a time, will evolve in the coming years to flourish into a full-fledged space craft which could only be dreamt of. When Earth becomes too small for humans, when a calamity strikes it, or when the sea gobbles it, we all have a home to go! Isn’t that comforting? To know that if we ever lost our Earth to nature’s vicious acts, we still had another? This success was attained by the tireless efforts of each and every one of my colleagues and also by our Director, who broke a great deal of sweat to stimulate me and lead the path to victory. Love you, Sir. Thank you”, he said, moving away from the podium, to a chair at the middle of the stage, preparing himself for the barrage of questions from the media.

2020 March 25th, GST 4:20 pm

“Initiating Phase-1. All systems rebooted. Run diagnostics. Check life support and environmental support systems. We will be launching three capsules at a time”, Fernandez instructed, furiously typing away on his laptop.

“Okay, guys, first evac”, he said, folding his hands.

The Director was present to witness the maiden voyage of Diaspora to the other Earth, along with his acolyte

“Initiating launch…”, Fernandez commanded, feeling nervous. The acolyte noticed it and walked up to him.

“It’ going to be alright, Virchow”

“I hope it is. I don’t know what I’m gonna do if it doesn’t. I would have so much blood in my hands”

“What do you mean?”, she was skeptical.

“I made it, Winslow. I made the Corona virus”

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