Defining Happiness

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Are you happy?

“I think at the moment I am happy, even when I’m stressed or overwhelmed”.

How would you define happiness?

“I define happiness as loving yourself so much that even in your worst moments, you can pull yourself out of those bad thoughts and feel happy again. Happiness to me is doing what I want in life, even when others want to tell me that I’m not doing enough for my future, I know that I’m trying my best”.

When did you realize that you were happy the way your life is?

“I think I first realized it when I started loving myself and my body. Like I didn’t care if I looked sl**y or too covered up. I just came to point where I wore whatever I wanted and didn’t take anybody’s sh*t. I was done with my mom to the point where I ignored all her advice and didn’t care if it made her mad”.

Do you have any advice you want to share?

“My advice is to truly love yourself. Love your body, realize the good parts of yourself, and just do what makes you happy. And feel confident about your body. Love who you want to love. I’m going to do what I want because I love myself and there’s no one like me. When I learned to love myself, I learned to love life and was able to handle anything cause we’re all bad bit**es”.

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