The not so lonely girl

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First day back to college

A deafening silence filled the car as we both are engulfed by all the thoughts about the day me wondering wether I'll get through with out a nasty comment and her wether she will blend in . "Hey Lola" I said looking at her " yeah taz" she replied how about we order pizza for dinner that way if our day is shit it cheers us up and if it's a good day then hey celebratory pizza" she looks at me and shakes her head with a smile as she nods I hate seeing her worry so much I hope today will go good for her . We are here at fleeton college I find a parking space and we give each other a hug saying good bye then we walk to where we need to be I make it to class 5 minuets to spare I walk in and look around scanning the room to see who was already there a new face caught my eye a boy in the back corner where I usually sat other then him it's the usual popular kids Brandy,kimmy and Elsie them three are like always making someone's life hell and it's usually mine ,without making eye contact with them I find a new seat (thanks new guy) . My seat is still at the back where I can be invisible from the others but it's right next to the new kid and I know it sounds mean to call him the new kid but I don't know his name nor do I really want to . My teacher finally comes in and starts the whole introduction day . As I try to pay attention I find my self slipping away into a daydream thinking about my so called fathers words replaying over and over in my head I know what your thinking i said I only had Lola and I do my mam died from a few things she had cancer while being pregnant and my dad was always a drunk always coming home and having ago but it all changed when my mam had her final little girl Nicki but she had complications during the birth due to her cancer and she passed away leaving me and my sisters to fend for our selfs my father took the loss hard he drank more then usual and then it all started. finally we was saved even though we arnt all together I'm hoping one day we can be me ,Lola and Nicki , Nicki is with foster parents she was to young for me to look after as well as Lola but we are aloud to visit .the family are very nice and caring so you see Lola is my only family . As I started to come back from my daydream I realised the teacher was speaking to me "tazmin" she exclaimed "ah sorry miss what was you saying" I said embarrassed the nobheads at the back started to laugh at me I stared at them and the teacher said "tell us something about you" so I took a deep breath and I said " I'm tazmin and I live with my sister and would like to become a photographer" I noticed the boy at the back smile at me I looked down not wanting the attention "Awh what's wrong tazmin don't have more to say" mocked kimmy as I went to say something I heard a voice behind me telling her " she don't have to share anything with u bitch pants" her eyes grow wide as she hears his comment she huffs and walks away . I looked up to see him walking toward me he said " my names jake what's yours" "tazmin" I replied " do they always do that" he said with concern I looked at him unsure of what to tell him " how about we go get lunch" he says not letting me reply to the last thing he said "sure" I said hesitantly .

———-lolas pov——————

I walked into class just on time everyone looked just as nervous as the other we all sat down at a piano waiting for our teacher " hey" said the girl next to me " hi" I said nervously "can we be friends I don't have any I'm new here and you seem so nice already beens you sat next to the new girl" I looked at her shocked at what she said " well what's wrong with sitting with the new girl and I'd like a friend not going to lie" she smiles " well people always think I'm weird and it's settled then we are friends and we shall go to lunch together my names lolly" " Lola" I say with a smile we get on with playing our instruments and we go for lunch while at lunch I started thinking and hoping everything will go better then secondly I was the new weird kid so I knew how lolly felt but today has gone better then I thought .

————- back to tazmins pov—————-

As I wait at the car for Lola I think about how the day unfolded and how a boy I didn't know befriended me and how kimmy and her gang was already starting and that's when I saw lolas bright blue backpack and I noticed she was walking with a girl as they reached my car I said "hey who's this" " this is my new friend lolly" Lola smiled excitedly " well lovely to meet you lolly do you need a ride" I asked " no thank you my brother is taking me home he has just finished too I just wanted to meet you" she said Waving as she walked away shouting "byeeee" we hop into the car and look at each other waiting to hear how each other's day went "you first" I said " it was amazing I don't know what I was worried about it was the best day we played such a beautiful melody on the pianos" I smiled at how exited she was "how about you" she said with a Stern look on her face " well it wasn't the best" I said with a little bit of a defeated look " let's get home and order that pizza ,then we will talk about it over comfort food" I smiled and agreed I started the car and drove home while Lola grabbed my phone and ordered two 12inch pizzas so it would give us time to put some pjs on and find a movie before it arrived .

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