The not so lonely girl

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The night was even worse

Lolas p.o.v

Tazmin left maybe half hour ago and and I hate it because when she used to go out on the rare occasion dad would do things to me and niki, I understand she needs to work she gives me everything she can and if there’s ever anything I want she works over time if it expensive she really is the best and will be an amazing Mum when she has her own kids in the future if she still wants them that is .After a while I warmed up the food tazmin set out for me and got on with homework that I had been set . 15 minuets later I heard someone knock at the door i lazily peeled my self from my comfy position and glanced at my phone the numbers 6:45 flashed at me, it definitely isn’t tazmin the banging on the door became louder and more persistent my heart sped up and my hands trembled with build up anxiety, I reluctantly crept over to the door and leant my back on the cool metal our house is great it’s in a good neighborhood all the people are nice the only problem is that there’s no peep hole on the front door so I’d have to open it to find out who’s on the other side of the door pounding away like the world is ending . I reach for the brass door knob slowly my hand pushes down praying that whoever is in the other side doesn’t see the slight movement . I cringe As the door cries out creaking as if time spite me I try and keep my nerves at bay as I open the door just a crack to peek out at whoever is out there but as soon as my eyes meet the malicious orbs glowering down at me ,Everything stopped my stomach churned ,my palms started to sweat and my teeth grounded together as if to stop the vulgar words from flowing from my mouth my left hand that had been casually holding the door knob was now crushing it in a death grip the world started to spin that awful smirk the maniacal glint in those eyes I could never unsee them they haunted me wherever I went engraved into my mind. Before I knew it the door was forced open I felt my body fall on the other side of the hallway my mind trying to work out through all of the shock what was going on , I pry my eyes open after a few seconds my body adjusting from the impact of my body crashing on the wall to see him peering down at me , fuelled by adrenaline I push my self up and back away from him My mind instantly went on working out where my phone had been flung after I fell I had so many questions why was he here?, what did he want?,what was I supposed to do? Questions flitted around my head unanswered ,when suddenly I’m back on the floor winded by his giant boot clad feet that squish my chest firmly to the floor his shoe was firmly pushing me into the floor my ribs groaned in protest and my lungs wheezed begging for air “why are you here” I manage to rasp out tears streaming down my face his disgusting hand reached down as he reached out for me i jolted as he yanked me by my by my hair and threw me against the kitchen wall I heard a loud crack from the wall beside me and just as soon as I’d heard the first bang I felt his fist strike my body over and over my eyes stayed clenched shut refusing to meet his sick gaze small whimpers flew out my mouth .Bruises blossomed on my skin in a morbid work of art knicks and cuts appeared where his rings had left angry marks along my skin, I felt relief when he moved away from my bruised form as I slumped down the wall only to cry out in agony when his steel caped boots smashed into my injured ribs I realised my mistake too late my arms flew to my face just as a fist made contact with the side of my jaw blood seeped into my mouth leaving a metallic taste in my mouth as I curled in on myself black dots started to sleep into my visions as a caught to stay awake a ringing noise filled my ears my numb fingers desperately dug into my arms my eyes where just about to shut when he said something my mind far too hazy to work out the jumbled words my eyelids slid shut.

Tazmins p.o.v

Work was dragging and I was finally aloud to take my break I had just taken a bite from my snack when my phone started to ring I answered assuming it would just be Lola checking in letting me know how she was the food in my hand dropped to the table when I heard a man stating that he was a police officer and as he explains what’s happened I write a rushed to my coworker telling him that my sister was sent to hospital he told me he’d cover for me and I left with a hurricane of questions spiralling through my head as I drove there as quick as I could, I ran to the reception desk and told the lady who I was and who I was here for she told me that Lola had been operated on and has been put into an induced coma as soon as those words left the nurses mouth my world crumbled and I felt my eyes sting with tears .who could have hurt my beautiful sister? she was so caring and kind she was so accepting of everyone ,the woman behind the desk asked if there was anyone I could call obviously the answer was no .normal people would have there parents to call and comfort them but it’s just me and it was late so I couldn’t even call niki’s parents well foster parents those two lady’s are all she really knows . My heart shattered Emotions where all over the place I was angry no I more than angry I was livid ,when the police got word that lolas gardien had arrived they informed me what happened and who did it so I told them everything that man shouldn’t even be near us we have a restraining order the policeman nodded and thanked me for the information I was told to go home and rest I had argued that I need to be with her but they insisted that she wouldn’t be awake for a while and That if I really wanted to help her I needed to be well rested. I reluctantly did what they said as I got home there was a police officer waiting I was glad they didn’t just leave my door wide open when he saw me he smiled I showed him proof that i lived there and off he went other then the broken glass littered on the floor from the photo on the wall and the destruction in the living room the house was okay from a quick glance honestly I can’t imagine what lola went through I feel so bad I should have protected her , I should have been here for her a big sigh left my lips I remember the comfort I had felt with jake and I also remembered I had his number I quickly grabbed my phone and text him I got an imidiate response I know it was late but I needed someone here I asked him if he was free he replied as quick as possible which I enjoyed I never really had anyone do that he told me to text him my address and he would be there within 5 minutes. I put my phone down and started picking up stuff off the floor when I was interrupted by a knock followed by a text .I shouted that it was open he peered in and looked at me sat on the floor picking stuff up he asked why it was a mess and I explained everything to him and I mean everything like I laid my life story out for this boy to see by the end of it he had pulled me into his lap soothing me by stroking my hair while I cried “tazmin” he said quietly “yes new kid” (that had become our joke now so I wasnt being mean if that’s what you were thinking) he moved his hand so that it was resting on the underneath of my chin and gently pushed so I would look him in the eye when our eyes met he looked at me with tenderness and kindness which was different from what I normally get usually it’s pity and sadness “I promise I’ll be here through it all with you” I looked at him a little shocked “you don’t have to do that jake what about your family they will need you” he had a small smile on his face to try and mask the sadness in his eyes “ it’s only me and lolly and we are looking for a new place to stay so how about this I will be here for u as long as you are here for me” I paused for a few minuets thinking we have like 2 spare rooms here and if lolly wants to share with Lola as they are friends she can “ why don’t u come live here with us” he looked at me shocked “ I mean we have two spare rooms and lolly and Lola are friends so even if they want to share a room that’s ok because the rooms are rather big the rent is good so it won’t be overly expensive and honestly if u can’t pay half of that for a while I don’t mind as it’s not exspencive and we can all be here for each other” I said all in a ramble afraid he might say no “ are you serious” I looked up from the floor and he looked so happy “ of corse I’ll help you move in and decorate and all the stuff you need help with” he hugged me so tight I felt happy when he was around like a genuine happy we looked at each other for what seemed like forever it was like 1 in the morning and he sat back still looking into my eyes and he kisses my forehead and mutters a little thank you I lay my head against him with a sigh and sleep overtook.

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