The not so lonely girl

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I woke up on something warm and squidgy which in all honestly was quite worrying reluctantly I opened my eyes to see jake staring back at me with a smile “good morning sleeping beauty how do you feel” he asked I absentmindedly rolled my eyes at the nickname “ good morning I’m still worried and scared honestly” I said with a loud sigh escaping my lips that’s when I felt something shift underneath me forgetting where I’d fallen asleep after a few minuets the penny dropped “ fuck I’m so sorry you must be so uncomfortable” I said whilst scrambling to my feet off his lap “ taz honestly I didn’t mind best sleep I’ve had in a long time” he said with a slight chuckle just then I remembered that I’d asked him to move in with us so I grabbed his hand pulling him up and ran up the stairs dragging him behind me stopping in the empty bedroom next to mine “would this room be okay?” I asked hoping he would like it “this would be perfect” and with that he swooped me up and spun me round whilst hugging me the room was filled with me giggling like a child and him laughing a sound that I’d be happy to hear over and over I had never heard him laugh before we finally collected ourselves and it was quiet “ i should probably go find lolly” he said all the sadness coming rushing back into those beautiful ocean blue eyes of his I went to ask what he ment but decided against it “ okay bring her back here and we can get you both settled in and go out to look for stuff to decorate I’ll go see Lola while your gone” he smiled and said “ ok I won’t be long but take your time” “here” I said handing him the spare key “this way you can come in and lock it and I’ll know you are both safe I’ll knock 3 times before I unlock the door or u answer ok” with that he nodded and we both left.

——jakes POV ———
To say I was happy I had found somewhere for Lolly and me to stay was an understatement our parents let’s just say ain’t the best and have not long kicked us out so we have been crashing at our friends houses but lolly got poorly so for the past few nights we have been staying at a shelter and she’s ok ,there’s this older lady she said she loves her company. I dug my hands in my pockets to shield them from the cold that’s when I felt the jagged lines of the house key ,I smiled just knowing taz will be there I feel so bad for her everything she has been through yet that bastard comes back and turns her whole world upside down again... poor Lola I’ve gotta break the news to lolly. trying to string together the perfect way to tell her about her friend words swamped my mind I hadn’t realised I had made it to my destination until I heard lolly shout me “jake your back” she said relief washing over her face “ yeah sorry lolly I found us a place to stay” I sighed anxiety creeping through my chest “I may have some bad news I’ll explain when we get to our new place so don’t worry ,tell me about your day” she scrunched up her nose as if she wanted to disagree her eyes drifted to the concrete of the sidewalk as she slowly nodded her head, her eyebrows stitched together in determination as we grabbed our stuff and started to walk back the way I came.Lolly sighed for must have been the twelfth time in the past five minuets ,the sound of her tattered trainers scuffing across the concrete slowly began to chip away at my patience, her small figure jolted into me as her foot caught on her messily tied shoelaces. As I caught her i thought it would be easier to do it on the way home instead.she wouldn’t wait until we got back and she knew exactly what buttons to push to get me to crack so with a deep breath I Hesitantly started explaining the events that have happened the day prior , the more I spoke the more she seemed to deflate her goofy smile that usually rested on her face was replaced with a frown her lips trembled and her eyes watered as if the words I was telling her was hurting her just as much as the person involved. After I had finished telling lolly the situation she was quiet not muttering anything more than a yes if I asked her if she was okay, I let her be and decided to just focus on getting home in the tense atmosphere that had been created.

——Tazmins POV ——
At the hospital :
I walked into her room and there she was her small figure that looked even tinier in comparison to the hospital bed she laid in her poor face littered with cuts and bruises ranging from green to purple certain parts of her face were the bruises had been worse were swollen. I tenderly placed a hand onto hers and started talking my voice broke apologies drifting off my tongue through chapped lips I told her how it would never happen again and that She had to wake up soon because we would all miss her beautiful smile and sassy remarks or the fact that she was probably the best cook in the house, clearing my throat I whispered the little good news I had a small smile sneaking it’s way onto my face her best friend would be living with us. I told her everything i found myself pausing when I realised I was talking to her like she could hear me I shook my head willing that thought to leave even though she might not have heard me it gave me hope her forest green eyes would be looking back at me when My eyes drifted up to her face but unfortunately it was only wishful thinking they weren't looking back at me . I don’t know how long I sat there for I realised visiting hours where coming to an end for lunch so the patients could eat I must have spent more time here than I thought. the nurse had told me that there was improvement in her vitals but she still wouldn’t be up for a while because of the extent of her injury’s which I understood that disgusting man did a number on her with how big he is she would have never stood a chance. on the drive back I tapped my fingers along to the radio not bothering to actually listen I was just trying to find something to think about other than Lola, I was hoping jake and lolly were home if not I wouldn’t really know what to do with myself without Lola there, ...maybe I could make them lunch or something while I wait for them I locked my truck and walked to the front door I knocked 3 times not even a minute later it swung open i saw lolly dart towards me Tears gathering in her eyes threatening to roll down her face, I put my bag down and embraced her shorter figure gently rocking her back and forth Lola had told me Lolly had no other friends and everyone was mean to her, I felt that on a personal level I couldn’t imagine how she would be feeling honestly she was probably feeling just as bad as me .the silence was broken by jake hollering through from somewhere in the house at lolly to see who was at the door, his footsteps became louder as he same to the front door to see me holding lolly as if life depended on it while the younger girl sniffled into my jacket tears soaking my jacket “hey” I said my eyes red and puffy from crying earlier when I went to see Lola he didn’t say anything just came and joined in on the hug saying it would be okay. Not wanting their first day at their new home to be miserable I released lolly and gave her a kiss on the cheek “ now Lola wouldn’t want us to be sat here crying how about we go out and get some nice new stuff to decorate you can even share lolas room if you want” she looked up at me and smiled with an exited nod her hair swaying in every direction as she did “go grab your shoes then we will grab lunch on the way back anywhere you want” she ran up the stairs to grab her shoes jake was still standing next to me “ you ready” I asked “Yeah thank you” “what for” I asked a confused look crossing my face “just being you and being caring and for giving us a place to be safe” I just smiled and told him not to worry. The sound of boots hurriedly pattering on the floor as lolly came skipping down the stairs shortly after checking we had everything we needed we left to find beds and paint ,shelf’s anything they wanted really I’d been saving plenty and to be honest they needed it and deserved it we got to town and entered the shop “what bed do you want lolly?” I asked hoping she would have an idea so we wouldn’t have to ask an employee because I prefer to do it my self “hmmm that one” she pointed to the bed with the grey leather headboard next to us it was rather similar to lolas they had similar styles so with that I reluctantly grabbed the only employee there he kinda creeped me out he’s been staring at me the whole time since we walked through the doors but maybe I’m just paranoid right? Anyway “ we would like this bed please” I said in a very flat tone “ of corse and would that be all I looked at jake to tell the man what type of bed he liked beens we had seen a few and “I’ll have that one there”he said in the same type of tone I did I looked at him with a questioning look as I normally talk to everyone like that he didn’t ,confused is an understatement. “ of corse and how would you be paying for that” “ card please” I said the transaction was made and a notification was sent to my phone the beds would be arriving tomorrow so that gave us time to start the decorating this afternoon after getting all the information about the beds we started to head out of the shop “ excuse me” I turned hoping it just sounded like the creepy guy with a staring problem but it was him “yes” I asked “ would you mind if I got your number” automatically my brain went no no no no thousands of times I started to panic he just seemed off I don’t know but before I could answer jake did it for me “ no you can’t come on let’s go” he grabbed mine and his sisters hand and we walked out. What was that about I thought I mean not complaining or anything but he seemed angry I was slightly confused but he just smiled at me and his sister and took us to b&q “paint time” he said excitedly him and lolly ran off towards the paint while I just laughed walking behind them.
—-2 hours later ——
We had finally finished and had gotten food and where on the way home woohoo my brain thought I felt so paranoid today after what happened but I liked seeing Lolly and jake happy so it was worth it as I parked lolly got out and went to grab the heavy paint tins “ you take the food in lolly your brother can help with the heavy stuff with his big strong muscles” i said whilst giving her a wink she laughed and walked through the front door “I have big strong muscles do I” he said while smirking at me I gave him a pointed look as if not to question it and then I stuck my tongue out at him and ran inside with some of the paint tins I heard him call after me so I put the paint tins down abd went back out not to see him or the paint tins i started to walk towards my truck cautiously “BOO” a loud scream left my mouth as I fell back and lolly came running out to see why I screamed she saw me on the floor and rushed over and then she saw jake “ jake what the flying fluff, why did you do that for” “what I was only playing” he said innocently and came round from the other side of the truck the smile on his face was instantly swapped with a look of concern when he saw me on the floor while lolly was trying to see if I was ok “taz” he said lolly had helped me up now and I just wanted to go inside but I grabbed the paint tins and locked my truck I put the tins down and grabbed the ones I needed for Lolly’s part of the room and off I went I wasn’t mad but like he knows I was paranoid and I’m scared still I didn’t know if they still had my so called father locked up still or not it was rather insensitive honestly I moved everything from the side of the room and cleaned lolas side so it looked nice still I had to change so I didn’t get these clothes messy
——40 mins later ——
Lolly’s side is almost finished I heard her yelling at jake downstairs a while ago I guess they decided to give me space but it’s really quiet now so I’m a little worried maybe I should go down there I’ll just finish this tiny bit “and done” i say to my self best head down I still have to eat I slowly descend the stairs into the silence of down stairs I walk into the kitchen to find jake sitting at the table he don’t notice me until “hey where’s lolly” I ask he looks up as he hears me “ asleep on the sofa all the yelling she was doing probs tired her out” he said with a sheepish smile “ have u both eaten” I said with concern “ lolly has don’t worry listen I feel terrible I didn’t mean to upset you tazmin” I sigh and shake my head “ it’s ok I didn’t mean to just walk away and leave I’m just still so scared” I said with a small cry “oh taz” he said coming to hug me “ lolly’s paint for her room is done and practically dry even sorted lolas side out so it looked clean and everything is in a place just gotta wait for her bed tomorrow” I said with a yawn “ maybe you should go get some rest” “ nah cuz u will have nowhere to sleep u go into my room I’ll sleep in lolas I promised lolly Id bring her with me to the hospital next time I go as well” “ok” he says quietly “well let’s go to bed and we will sort the rest out in the morning” “ ok good night jake” and with that we went to bed
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