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Crazy Friends

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We are best friends with different minds, hobbies, personalities, favourites, interests and dreams. We love each other and we can't live without each other. But life is adventure with problems.

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Yup unpleasant! Every single soul knows that leaving bed in morning is one of the most difficult task. I am sleeping like chipmunk with beautiful dreams and my mom is shouting on me to wakeup. I am enjoying the cosiness of bed and beautiful dreams until slap made a way to my face.

" Ouch! Mom please wait, i say i am waking up in 5 minutes, pleasee" i begged, hand on my face where I had received a flying slap.

"Ayesha you are saying this from past 20 minutes, If you are not going to wakeup then i am leaving" she said irritated but with a bright glance in her eyes.

Oh man! she knows that today is Wednesday and i have game period today which only came one time a week and I can't miss it even if I have a great fever. Poor me leave the bed sadly and made my way to bathroom.

I drink my yummy milkshake and eat useless jam toast which mommy insist me to eat, and then said goodbyes to my family and leave the house.

I go to school by my innocent legs because it only take 5-10 minutes to reach school and it also make me feel better because it's a good exercise and my place is surrounded by pretty trees. And today I am happy because of 3 things first that today I have game period in school, second i have yummy burger in lunch, third that today there are no math periods.

In about 8 minutes i am standing on school gate with all type of students. And then i almost ran to my classroom because it's 7:53 and my school start at 8:00.

I am in high school and I am too happy with it because of my beautiful school with greenery and because i have crazy friends like Noor, Komal, Jia, Laiba.

Noor is sweet spoken and sensitive girl. She have beautiful voice and she love singing and we also sing together because our voices match too well. Noor have black-brown hair p.s she have longest hair in our group with big dark brown eyes and cute face. She have all the useless ideas. We call her Nini.

Komal is strong, nice and healthy girl. She love writing love songs and poetries. We both write songs along with eachother. She have smooth silky hair and beautiful face. She is lill mature one. She love watching Netflix. She is our big mommy . We call her Kuku.

Jia is joker of our group . She is funny one with hidden bad jokes. She have long brown hair with attractive face and personality. She is the one who don't mind anything. She love lame poetries. She love to sleep in class. She also love bunks. She and komal are baddass of our group. We call her Jdot.

Laiba is nice with everyone. She love studies before komal. She have curly hair and pretty face. She is like and funny. She is open minded. She is lovely. She is also the tension creater and crazy lame. We call her lili.

When i arrive at my class jdot and nini are standing on door and staring at me like i have murdered there child.

"Why are you so late" nini said lill rudely.

"You promised that you will not be late" jdot added.

"Guys sorry, it's not my fault cause I wakeup at 7:20" i said irritated.

But i know it's my fault because we love to walk in greenery before school starts. And that's too refreshing and it can make us ready for boring classes.

"Okay! But next time you have to come early"jdot said casually.

"Yup!!" Nini added grinning.

I give my bag to jdot to place it on my chair. Our class have 3 chair in every single row, and we 5 sit on two rows with 6 chairs . We put our bags on empty sixth chair because we don't want anyone to sit there and make there way in our little privacy.

I reached to the place where my other two rabbits are sitting and talking about something .

" Hey my girl how are you" kuku said still laughing about what they are talking.

" Hey!" Lili greeted chuckling.

" Hey dudes i am fine but what are you two laughing about?"i said curiously.

"We are.." kuku started to say.

" They are talking about me because I don't study for today's history test and it's not my fault because I really don't know about it"jdot said with a puppy pout on face.

OMG!what are they talking about i too don't know about it because me and jdot are on our favourite place of our school , our new and clean girls washroom* ,with it there is a beautiful view of airport which make us happy and fresh. We both are being there for half history period and we both don't study because we don't know!!

" Dudes what are you talking about i too don't know about test!!"i said shocked and sadly.

" First period is of history" lili said chuckling.

And my girls start laughing like i have told them most funny joke.

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