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This summer I moved to Michigan to help take care of my grandmother. Little did I know that this would end up being the craziest Summer of my life. My father's adopted brother, Kyle McGregor took me Hostage. In attempt to get money from my multimillionaire father 'Paul Bolt'. He would and will do anything to get that money. Now it is up to me to keep my family and friends safe. Now the question is can I do it in time?

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The Phone Call

"Molly," Mom called from the living room! "Coming Mom," I replied. She was waiting at the bottom of the staircase with a dog leash in her hands, "Grover needs to go outside" she said.


Grover started running towards the road, I ran after him. His leash was in my hand the whole time, so he wouldn't run away. As soon as we got to the road we slowed down our run until we were no longer running.

I really liked taking Grover for walks. I often found myself talking to, Grover. He knew all my deepest secrets, he knew more about me than I think I know about myself.

It was my job to walk and take care of Grover during on the weekend. My little sister Amber took care of Grover during the week days. My older brother Ben didn't have to take care of the dog (because he was busy with college work). Ben would often take care of Grover when Amber gets sick of him.

I tied Grover up to our big oak tree then went inside to get some dog treats. A few minutes later I came back outside with Grover's big bag of treats. "Sit" I commanded him. I was in the middle of training him, it was NOT easy.

He is the most stubborn dog I have ever meet. At least he's cute though.

I walked in the door just as Mom was leaving to take Amber to her ballet lessons.

Hmm, what should I do. I was the only one home at the time. Dad was at work. He worked almost all the time. He only had holidays off, well at least the big holidays like Christmas and Easter. Ben was at his friend Tony's house. He has been friends with Tony since kindergarten. Tony recently moved out to Tennessee. He doesn't visit that often, so when he does, Ben takes advantage of it.

I let Grover out in our fenced in backyard. Then sat on the couch and turned on the TV. I scrolled through the channels to see what was on. There was never a huge selection of shows on Wednesday. After scrolling through for about 5 minutes I found a show that looked kinda interesting.

It was a police officer show. Ever since I was really young I have wanted to be a police officer. I was about 5 minutes into the show when I was startled by a knock on the door.

"Who is it" I yelled from across the room. "It's me Kali" the voice called. I rolled my eyes then got up and opened the door. "What do you want" I asked. "I was wondering if I can play with Amber" she asked.

"Amber's not home she's at her dance lessons" I said in an annoyed voice.

Kali had strawberry blonde hair. She couldn't be an inch over 5 feet. Kali lived next door to us. She often came over and played with Amber. I could not stand her. She was so annoying!

Kali had left and I sat back down to finish or should I say start watching my TV show. I wachted about 2 more minutes of the show before getting interrupted again.

This time it was our home phone. I continued sitting there and ignored the loud ringing of the phone. Just a few seconds after the phone was silent, It rang again. This time I got up to see who it was in case it was important. I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't answer it. I figured that it was someone from my dad's work calling.

So I walked back to the sofa. I was half way back to the sofa when the phone started ringing again. This time I answered the phone.

"Hello who is this" I asked.

"I am Gavin Downs calling concerning Hannah Jane Walter" he said.

"Um, that's my grandmother" I said softly.

"Your grandmother just got out of the hospital, she is going to have to go to a nursing home" he said. I started tearing up,

"my grandmother hates nursing homes, she said that she never wants to go to one ever" I told the guy.

"Is there someone who can take care of her then" he asked.

"My parents are currently not home, I will talk to them as soon as they get home" I told him.

"Tell her that we love her and will figure something out".

"Will do" he said.

I hung up and ran to the sofa crying. I was going to call Mom but I knew that it wouldn't be long til she was home. Just a few minutes later Mom and Amber walked in the door. Amber immediately ran to the sofa because she saw me crying.

I hardly ever cried.

"What's going on" Amber asked.

"It's its Grandma" I mumbled.

"Is she okay" mom said while running to the couch.

"They are putting her in a nursing home" I said.

"She hates nursing homes, we can't let her go there" Amber said.

"One of us needs to go stay with her" we all said at the same time.

"I can, I guess" I replied.

"You need to start packing" Mom said. I went upstairs to my bedroom and started packing my clothes. Mom was downstairs calling Gavin and telling him that I was going to stay with her. I shoved all of my stuff that I needed In my suitcase, then I walked downstairs.

Mom went online and bought me a ticket to Michigan.

"Your flight is in 3 hours" Mom said. Ben had just got home to say goodbye to me. I went up to Ben and gave him a hug. Then I went to Grover and told him goodbye. I gave Amber a hug and told her that I was going to miss her a lot. Dad was not able to get off work early, so I was going to call him as soon as I got there.

Mom started the car. We were off to the airport. As soon as we got to the airport. I gave Mom a big hug before she left. Then headed for the plane.

Thank you all so much for reading. I hope you all will keep reading. Please let me know what you think in the comments. And please vote!!! Add this book to your reading list if you want to get notifications when I come out with new chapters. Thanks again.

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