A Love Story in no man's land

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A story of seven people from different walks of life whose circumstances led them to an unexpected meeting in no man's land. This a hyperlink novel (Don't know if the term is in existence, but used it based on hyperlink cinema) which connects stories of seven different people. Each chapter tells about the backstory of each of the main characters, with the first chapter setting the stage and the last few chapters about what happened after their unexpected meeting. Discover this tale of love, affection, aspiration, passion, war and grief.

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The story and its characters are fictional. Any resemblance to actual people is a pure coincidence.
The story uses real geographical locations for its setting and some real events to support some of the scenes in the stpry. However, the story, is in no way linked to any of these events in reality and is a work of fiction. The usage of real places and real events is only to provide an immersive experience to the readers.
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