Lessons on the way to destiny

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She was an extrovert and loves company with people but time changes so as she. Time took her on the road which led her towards loneliness. She gave so much to people and in return she was left alone by herself. The definition of love for her was she was in love with the concept of love. Here are some of her lessons that life taught her in each step...

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Chapter 1

Tara was a young teenager girl having same problems as other teens face. She was an extrovert, easy going with other people.

As I can say it's one of her best quality which separates her from others. She was always engrossed in others problems, happiness. Which for her matters alot.

She was one of her kind. Loved by her family and friends alot. She always loves to laugh with people sharing their life with her was a common thing for her. She had friends but many know her as she was a very mature person having solutions to others problem. And people look up to her for suggestions.

I can't say that her life was easy, but difficult for her to live in with. Dealing with people can be easy as we see this from our perspective but for her it was far more difficult. As for her others life depends on her thoughts and decisions.

Once she said, " Without people my life is incomplete as I don't know how to live without thinking about others."

I don't know what is self love when we have our loved one whom we can love. She was a person who always come up with something to say. But she afraids from the thought of living alone in life.

She knows the better meaning of sacrifice than self love...

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