Lessons on the way to destiny

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Chapter 2 ( Family relations)

As I have already mentioned that she was loved by her family. But from inside she was alone. Having large family wasn't enough for her to understand things. She was happy but at times it became difficult for her to understand them all at one point.

Large family means huge number of conflicts. Ideology difference which sometimes made the situation worse for her to understand.

She thought she was at fault. No matter what happens she was the only onr who tried to resolve the problem.

For her everything lies in her family. Her happiness, love, life. And the thought of losing them was a dark dream for her.

When she was graduated from her school. She wanted to persue the career whivh she wanted but instead of seeing her happiness her family sent her to new city and college.

They wanted her to take degree and on the other hand she wanted to persue designing.

But her family were against this profession. At that point in life she came to know thta her family only wanted her to do as they wanted.

Which according to her was an act of selfishness. The words of the family were," Do want you want but always remember if you have to face any consequences of your action you have to take whole charge of your doing."

We will not be their for you to speak up. The words were shocking to her and with little disappointment.

It took her days to understand that," In this world no matter what relations you have always remember you will be alone as an individual to face the world."

And your family will act as an audience to watch with the others.

She took the step to migrate to other city. To complete her further education. It was hard to leave them but as important.

It was a huge leap for a village girl to move into a big city in search of her dreams.

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