Bear Fights For Donna: Book 4: Dark Rider MC Series

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The Dark Rider MC are celebrating the birth of the president's, VP's, and Enforcer's children. Sara, Elizabeth, and Dove have had son's all born within minutes of each other. They will be a handful as they grow. My name is Donna. I held my best friends son and I cried. I cried because he doesn't want me anymore. He didn't wait for me to learn to accept a man's touch again. I couldn't stop the nightmares of what they had done to me. I looked at Dove and she smiled at me. I handed her son back to her. Donna, don't go there. Don't go to that dark placed and time. Not now. I looked at Dove with such sad eyes. Why not Dove? Bear does not want me he found someone else I said turning my back to walk to the door. Donna, will I see you again? I don't know. I just need to be alone for awhile. I don't know if or when I will see you again. But, Dove never forget me. Never, I told her. I walked out of her hospital room door. and down the hall. I did not see Bear and Cherokee get off their bikes or them watching me. I got into my car and drove away not caring where I went or where I ended up.

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Chapter 1: Sara, Elizabeth, & Dove

Several club members looked at us tired. Please will you all do us a favor and not get your woman pregnant at the same time? We can't stand another four months of their crazy hormones. If they are not laughing, they are crying, or screaming at us. We watched as they all stood up and started running out the front door. We started laughing.

What the hell are you all laughing at? Nothing we said slowly backing for the door. As soon as their heads turned we ran out the door. We cannot do this for much longer. These four months have to go buy faster. We heard a bike riding down the road. Who can that be I asked. Cherokee we just hope it is someone that can keep those women happy.
The bike rode in and stopped. We could not see behind the helmet. But we all knew it was a woman. We waited for her to take her helmet off. Long dark hair fell down her back and then she looked at us.
What are you guys running from I asked getting off my bike? Donna where the hell has you been. That is none of your business I said. I came to see the girls where are they? In the club. But they are not in a very good mood. They have all the members running from them. hormones don't you know.
You don't say. After all, they are pregnant, their backs hurt, they can't sleep right, their feet hurt so yes, they are having issues with their hormones. I had transferred to Cherokee's MC three months ago. One month after she left. I slowly stood up and listened.
No, it can't be her. Donna stop the fuck laughing at us I heard Beast yell. Why should I, I heard her say in a cold voice. All you men deserve what they throw at you. I walked to the door of the garage and looked over at Cherokee, Beast, and Steve. I took a deep breath. She was back. But she was different. I watched as she turned and walked into the club.
I walked in and yelled? I came for a visit I yelled. I heard running feet and screams of "Donna, Donna" Then I was being hugged. Where the hell have you been hiding, Dove yelled at me. Let's sit down and talk. So, where have you been for the last four months?
I looked around and they laughed. No one is here but us Sara said laughing. I have been with the Wild Rider MC. I have learned to fight and control my emotions. I have learned to build a wall around my heart. Do you still love Bear? I do but that is as far as it will go.
Has he claimed his woman yet? We all looked at each other. He lied to you. What did you say? He lied. He was not seeing another woman. Then why did he say he was? other than he didn't care about me and he didn't want me? That's not why he did it. I don't care I said looking at Dove.
I don't want to know why he did it and I don't want anything to do with him. I just came to visit you and tell you that I will be checking in once a month to see how you are doing. Donna, please don't go. I smiled at them and said I have to go. I can't stay here. Not and see him. I hugged them all and said. Don't be so hard on them.
I turned and started to walk to the door when I saw him standing there. I walked past him not saying a word and walked out the door. I got on my bike and rode out onto the street and to my cabin in the woods. I arrived at my cabin and drove my bike into the garage shutting the door behind me.
I got off my bike and walked into the cabin taking my jacket off and hanging it on the hook near the door. I took my boots off and sat them near the door before walking into the kitchen and making a pot of coffee. I then made me a hamburger sandwich and walked into the living room.
I sat the plate and coffee on the table in front of the couch before walking over and turning on the TV. I sat down and picked up my sandwich and started eating. I looked out of the window as I finished eating and drank my coffee.
I need to work on my emotions more. I almost broke down when I saw him standing there. I can't let him know that I love him and that he hurt me when he told me he had another woman. I can't let him know that it hurts to see him.
I shoved my jeans down and I grabbed the small knife from the stand. I slowly pulled it across my upper thigh and watched as the blood started to run down my leg. I felt the sting of the cut and showed no emotions that it even hurt. I washed the cut and covered it with a band-aid before pulling my jeans back up.

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