Cupcakes, Tea and Witchcraft

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Chapter 2

I had been entranced by the small female before me more than I liked. I mean, she was eye candy for any man with a dick honestly. Not that that mattered. After I had found she had been on mandatory leave from the military, my eyes hadn't lingered on her body and more on her enticing eyes. The color of lavender in summer with flecks of green, emitting the image of a lavender field in full bloom in spring as the yellow leaves from fall were slowly swept away on the breeze. She even smelled like lavender. Not to mention the smell of honey and a feminine musk that could draw any predator in. Was she of the prey species? Was she a wolf who disguised her scent? Why did she have the glow of a witch? I didn't see any coven marks. Is she maybe rogue? I had sat beside her, watching as the boys watch us curiously.

"Looks like Thomas and Lucas are asleep," she says. I'll carry them to bed. Come on everyone. Bed time."

"You get the others. I will get the twins," I say and she nods over at me accepting but hesitating.

She holds little Monroe's hand and I watch her walk the others off as I reach down and pick up the twins, carrying them to their rooms. I walk over to Henry's room and see she is sitting next to him singing a soft lullaby and her entrancing voice causes me to stare as I lean in the door frame admiring her nurturing the temperamental two year old child. He had never liked lullabies or pretty much anything, but he seemed to love her. That caused a spurt of jealousy in my chest and I furrow my brow as I curse myself for being jealous of my baby brother. What s going on with me? I shake my head to shake away the thoughts that caused my jealousy and just stare at my beautiful mate.

Mate? No. I do not have a mate. I curse myself for trying to act as if she were my mate as anger bubbles up from my wolf, Necro, and a growl in my head causes me to flinch as it feels as if my head was banged into a huge titanium wall. Miracle stands and blushes as she realizes I am still staring and I just stand there waiting.

"How long were you there for?" she says nervously.

"Long enough to see you are an amazing singer. Your voice is absolutely entrancing. Soothing yet longing and sad. What language was that? German?"


"You know any Romanians?"

"Yes. Quite a few."

"Mind telling me?"

"Once we aren't near the children."

She leaves a crack in the door and follows me as I lead her to the kitchen.

"Our rooms are out in the pool house. They aren't much, but the only other room is the nursery."


"Aaron and my mother have been trying to work out a schedule so that they can try for a girl. Mother has always wanted one, but my father threw off boys needless to say."

"So by me sending them away, I gave them that chance?"

"Yep. That bother you?"

"Of course not. He is a grown man. She is a grown woman. They are free to make children as they wish. I just don't know how well that will go."

"Why is that?" I ask curiously at her slightly remorseful tone as we pass the pool.

"Well, after I was born, it took my dad four years for my mum to get pregnant with Tobias. Then eleven years to have my brother, Jackson. Then, Michael a year later. It devastated my mum that she couldn't have anymore kids after Michael. She got Ovarian Cancer. Stage five by time the doctors noticed. Dad had been distraught because his wife was dying and she asked him only one thing on her deathbed. To find his true mate and be happy with her. Not to dwell on her. To move on and help me move on, but he couldn't move on until he moved here and found your mum. I am happy for him, so happy. He needs the happiness, but I have to work two jobs to support my brothers and I just couldn't keep working for the local veterinarian. He...was a very bad man who doesn't deserve the liking of anyone. I moved here from Romania with my brothers and bought a house in a small town where I was working as a receptionist for the sheriff and a librarian on the night shift. It wasn't easy work, but it needed to be done for them. Especially Jackson and Michael."

"Are they sick?"

She sits down and I follow as she puts her bare feet into the water of the pool and closes her eyes as tears form in her eyes and she bites her lip hard, most likely trying to not cry.

"Jackson got into a car accident when he car pooled with one of his friends. There was a bottle of cleaning liquid that spilled into his eyes when the car went flying a month ago. Jackson..." her voice breaks as tears flood her eyes and I hug her shoulders, trying to comfort her as tingles run all through me and my wolf jumps to try to surface and mate her. I hold him back and remind him the one he is trying to mate is opening up to us and that he needs to calm down or he will scare her away. He does but paces in my head. "He, he was born with a disease...or he was born different...he is a Wendigo."

My breathing freezes and my heart aches in sympathy. The only way one could be a Wendigo was by birth, even though the human legends said otherwise. The only way to be born a Wendigo was if the mother had shifted during the first trimester and couldn't shift back. Then, the baby would feed off the animals the mother ate and be born into a Wendigo.

"I am sorry. I had no don't have to keep telling these things."

"I know, but it is nice to have someone to talk to about it. Dad, he hates Jackson because of what he is. He will play nice in front of others, but he told Jackson that since he was a murderer on his fifth birthday that he couldn't affiliate with a mut like him. He told him he was a mistake. That he regretted him. He hates him. All because mum had no idea she was pregnant when she ran off crying about not being able to have kids, then well, found out she was pregnant and couldn't turn back."

"He said that to his own son? When he was five?"

"He was a different man then. Completely different. He drilled into me since I was two years old that I went to the military or got disowned. He used to say I was a mut because of what I am and what I can do. He only kept me because I cooked and cleaned for him. He was abusive, sexist. Not that many will believe me. He used to beat me when I was younger, after he drank too much from the agony he felt from my mom when he mated her and couldn't give her a child. That is why I left for ROTC. They provided me a way to defend myself, to be someone, to control myself, but after the mandatory release, I left with all of my brothers to Romania and lived with my Nana. She taught me what I know of with my witch abilities, made me who I am. Made me stronger, a little bit more confident. Less of a prey animal. She brought out the sides of me I needed but blocked after the...release, but I snapped one day and killed her. I ran to my cousin, Nickols. He helped me, protected me. He never questioned me on what I had been through and made sure everyone kept away from my pressure points, so that he and I could raise the boys. I am working on buying my own place and bringing them back, to live here. Somewhere safe. Away from my past and our failures, but..."

"You had to face your dad once again. How can he act that well? He has to remember what he said and did?"

"I blocked the bad memories from everyone. I am the only one who knows and now you as well."

"Oh. What did you mean what you are and what you can do?"

"I...I used to be a Midnight Fox. A witch as well. Part Wendigo. All three. My mother was born a Wendigo, but taught to control it. I only found out because I caught her one night when I was four ripping apart a human, a child, one who she ate. She had turned on me that night and attacked causing many of my scars. I blocked that night from her memory as well."

"The scars...she did them?"

"Not the ones on my face. I have many more scars than most I know of, but I will be leaving to go back to the Army in a month."

"You are brave and strong. A warrior."

"Thanks, but I am not. I am just winging it. Anyway. I would like to go to bed and wake up before six in the morning. Lets go."

She stands and I lead the way toward the pool house. Opening the door, I show her the kitchen to our right, bathroom to the left that connected the two bedrooms that we had adjoined to each other. Then, the pool supplies in the closet at the end. Lastly, the study/library on our right, straight across from my room. She nods and thanks me with a tired smile. She trudges off to the room I had showed her was hers and head into my study. I take my phone out of my pocket as I take off my tie and untuck/unbutton my shirt, sighing as freedom welcomes me. I tense as my member twitches with the moan that had come from the now running shower and I stare at the closed door, shell shocked at my instant reaction to her. They continue, growing in volume pitch and frequency, and I stand pacing. I thank the moons that I had this place redone last year with sound proof everything. Nobody could hear anything going on in any of the rooms without being in one themselves. I pick up my phone and instantly call my old mentor, Carl Black.

"Hey son. Long time no see," he chuckles heartedly.

"Yes sir," I answer tightly and curse myself for addressing him with the old training.

"Everything okay?"

I close my eyes as a growl of need slips from my mouth when she cries out, most likely coming, and her sweet aroused scent floods me and my member becomes even more persistent.

"No," I growl pissed sexually and because I had slipped and growled in need while on the phone with my mentor.

"What's up son?"

"Why the hell am I needy over a stupid female? Does she not realize she is tormenting me in worse ways than physical?"

I had to physically strain, shivering, as I tried my best to keep Necro back.

"Oh," he chuckles bemused and I snarl a warning. "You found her then?"

"Who is her?"

"Your mate. The one who's soul mirrors your own blackened and scarred one. Your better half. You found her. How could you not tell this?"

"She can't be...I can't take a mate..."

"You haven't tried before. You haven't even shifted, have you? You have not let Necro free since Iran."

"No I haven't."

"You found her again. After a whole year man. You need to do whatever it takes to keep her. Mate her. Necro will let you come back."

"You did not see what I saw. They were all rogues, if they made it. Most dropped dead right after. If I shift, I could die instantly and leave her here on this world alone. How will that affect her?"

"Have you had skin yet?"

"No, not that that is your business."

"Son, I hate to spill this, but your sex life has been my only entertainment for the past six years. Have you touched? Even a brush of skin?"

"Yes. Why does this matter?"

I groan in pure agony as my member pulses against my zipper with her second cry of bliss. Her musky aroused scent flows through me and straight to my member, making me grow and I growl in frustration.

"You better get over your fucking dears son and shift soon. Or mate her. If you two touched and don't mate within the next six months, she could die and then you will follow. Your heart will collapse after several days of immense pain, you won't be able to heal or shift or anything."

I startle at his dead serious tone and know that he is in no mood for pissing around the bush and instead straight in, right to the point.

"I will if she keeps crying out like that," I mutter.

"She's in the shower?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"I can hear her faintly."

I snarl and hang up, not liking him hearing my moaning mate. I pace as her cries and pants and moans grow louder as I try to reign in Necro.

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