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This is about our experience with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)

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We are a DID system of 3,000 plus alternate identities. We are a large system and I understand that can be difficult to believe. We understand, we barely believe it either.

If you don’t know what Dissociative Identity Disorder, its a survival mechanism for young children when they are repeatedly traumatized and abused. The child dissociates to seperate themselves from the constant pain to allow them to live normally. Since the brain is separating parts, those parts are not going to integrate into each other. Dissociative barriers are built between them before the ages of 6 to 9 years old.

A system is a term for all the alters in a collective. All of us are a system.

Polyfragmentation to our understanding is a large system of over 100. I don’t believe that number is universally agreed upon though.

My name is Tea. I am an alternate identity aka an alter in the system. My role is to help keep the chaos from overwhelming the host.

The host name is Trina. She manages daily life. She fronts the most. Fronting basically means she is in control of our physical body.

I hope this blog to be something fun and inspiring for other systems and singletons alike. We want to help educate and spread awareness while sharing our story at the same time.

Here are two sites to read up on DID.

Thank you for reading!

–Tea (The Masquerade System)

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