Egyptian Sacrifice

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What would you do if you and your best friends where stuck in a labyrinth?

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Egyptian sacrifice

“How do we get out of here?” Mike sputtered as he slowed his pace to catch up with Alex.

“I have no idea,” He said. They turned the corner and hid behind the wall. They listened intently as the sound of a massive set of hooves moved further in the distance. They both looked at each other, panting, trying to control their breathing.

Alex looked around the corner once more but all he could see was the darkness of the maze. that traps them within the confines. The only source of light was the burning torch that Mike clenched in his grip.

“Ok, I think we’re safe for now,” Alex replied as he slumped to the floor.

Mike took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he tried to recall the situation that got them into this mess. All he could imagine was this strange beautiful woman wrapped in gold and emeralds. Her long black hair in a tight braid down her back. With her white garments, she looked like a goddess. The lady was calling to him and reached out her hand. He couldn’t remember much more than that.

“Mike? Are you alright?” Alex looked at his best friend with one eyebrow raised. Mike knew this look.

“Huh? Yeah, I am fine.” Mike made a forced smile. He looked down at Alex and almost dropped his torch. Alex’s eyes grew big and round and pitch-black like a hyena’s. He furiously rubbed his eyes in a panic. When he opened his eyes, Alex was back to normal with a confused look on his face.

As Mike calmed down, Alex could swore he saw the figure of a massive humanoid figure behind the golden light of the torch. Alex’s face grew a sickly pale, and he quickly . “We have to keep moving.”

Mike simply nodded. In the blink of an eye, they charged down the corridor.

As they ran, the air once again seemed to become lighter and lighter as Mike tried to keep up with Alex. He could see the shadows as they danced across the wall. They seemed to almost laugh at him. One of the shadows was of two little boys playing in the backyard with a ball then the shadows shifted into two young adults shaking hands at a sporting event. Mike blinked a few times and it was him and Alex.

“What the?” He muttered as he ran straight into Alex. Mike fell back and looked up at Alex in a fit of anger which turned into horror as they both stared at the dead-end in front of them. The shadows shifted once again with a message in a language he could not understand.

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate.

“What does that mean?” they both thought as the saying disappeared. Mike could feel something tugging on his leg and he looked down, the plain jeans he thought he put on that morning turned into a dirty white robe. It was plain, simple, and old. He could faintly remember seeing a servant wearing it in a drawing on one of his history textbooks. As he got back onto his feet. His Timberlands transformed to silver sandals to match the current outfit.

“ What is this? Ancient Greek?” Mike said to Alex.

“Try Ancient Egyptian.” Alex’s clothing had also shifted, but instead of the plain tunic that Mike was wearing, his robe was made of gold silk with a beautiful necklace of the Eye Of Ra’ replacing his traditional silver cross.

“Ok, Who spiked my drink again?” Mike sarcastically asked.

Shrugging his shoulders, Alex walked past Mike and they both started to walk back. Suddenly, they heard it again. As they stood petrified, the thundering steps of whatever had been chasing them had finally seemed to have caught up with them.

“What is that?” Alex whispered.

“I am not standing around to find out,” Mike said before taking off again and leaving Alex to catch up.

“Wait up!” Alex yelled. He scampered along behind Mike, but he did not have to scramble for long.

Mike ran straight into a creature. He, again, fell to the ground. Looking up, he saw the beast in all its horrific glory. Its huge brown upper body sent shivers down both their spine as it huffed through its truly massive nose ring.

“What do we have here?” The creature asked in his barbaric, blood-thirsty voice. Both of the boy's eyes grew wide as they were frozen in place.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had something to eat.” The Minotaur licked his lips as it stared down at the two companions. “One or both of you would make a fine dinner.” Clicking one of his hooves across the ground as he talked.

Mike scrambled up to shield Alex as the Titan approached them. Every step sounded like a cannon firing off.

“Of course. I don’t have to eat both of you.”

Mike looked on at the monster. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t provoke it.” Alex sternly whispered as he cowered behind him.

“I want answers. Where are we? Is this some kind of sick dream?” Mike demanded.

“Don’t.” Alex said. Suddenly, the words that appeared again. This time in his head. He knew something seemed familiar about that phrase when he first saw it. Now it clicked. It was a Latin phrase. A very famous one, in fact.

“Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.”

Mike was getting more impatient. He wanted out of this place and the torch they had looked like it’s about to run out of light.

“Listen here you cow. I’m done with this game. If you have to kill one of us to do it.” Mike was so mad, Alex swore he saw smoke coming out of his ears.

The minotaur huffed again. It looked at Mike, ready to charge. It lifts one leg up and puts it behind its body and slowly lowers its head. It let out a roaring bellow and charged straight for Michael.

“Run, Alex!” Michael cried over the thunder of the beast’s hooves.

Mike took one deep breath as the monster rushed at him. Suddenly, He was pushed out of the way as Alex jumped in front of the creature. He could feel Minotaur’s horns drive past his abdomen and emerge from his back. Alex’s pain was overwhelming; he could feel it in every inch of his body. The creature grabbed his legs and tore them off his body, ripping the body into two as Alex’s guts and blood flooded the small corridor. Alex’s upper torso simply dropped in front of the beast and his legs bounced off the wall and landed next to the other half of the corpse.

Mike ran over to him. In some act of desperation, foolishly grabbing his lower torso and putting it right under Alex’s lifeless body.

“You're going to be ok. You're okay.” He cries through a torrent of tears. Alex’s lifeless eyes only stared as Mike cried at the true realization of his dear friend’s fate.

“This isn’t a dream.” He whispers as tears streamed down his face.

At that moment, a bright light shined in front of him as the glory of daylight shined past the minotaur . Mike could only clench up inside as tears continued to wet his face.

“I’m sorry Alex,” Mike said as he gently put his best friend’s head on the ground. He walked past the Minotaur as the white light revealed an abyss of sand only a few feet away.

“I’m sorry, your majesty.” The Minotaur’s massive hand gripped around Mike’s head. Mike could feel the titanic pressure of its grip as it squeezed the sides of his skull, crushing it with a loud gush as a black wall closed off the light.

That’s when the wound on Alex’s abdomen started to heal.


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