Charters of Dragonea

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The Charters of Dragonea and a bit about them, I only lasted the main ones form the first 3 books, others will be added in as more books are made. If this even gets any intrest.

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This is an assortment of Dragonea charters and their back storeys were they came from, who they are and a little insight on each of them.

Not all charters will be listed mostly the main characters and the books therein with a bit of info on what part of the story then comes in to along with the roll each carters played, I’ll add new Charters and update this as I go with new info.

Dragonea has 7 main books and 5 side stories that are spin-offs from the main story and has there own charters some of the charters has there own story besides the main story therein, and tie into the main story as well as taking there own way rather form another point of view or has its own tale to tell.

Main story Books:

Dragonea 1 Warriors Tomb,

Dragonea 2 Stone or Time,

Dragonea 3 Sea or sorrow,

Dragonea 4 The grate war,

Dragonea 5 Lagen of Allaney,

Dragonea 6 Moonlight Fountain Part 1( 1 part of book 6)

Dragonea 6 War of Authority (part 2 of Book 6)

Dragonea 7 Rise Of Adeala

Side Stores: (side storeys are a spinoff of the main story from another point of view or take a different course that’s related to the main story, these stories are much shorter only consisting of a few chapters or so.)

Mantrana 1 The Forgotten Past,

This book is a leap forwards in time by about 2300 years after the 6th book took place.

Mantrana 2

Zoron the Fallen This book is the back story of the fallen Zoron,

Mantrana 3, (WIP)

Rantall 1

Starlight The powerful, tale of what became of skearly in the underworld and what happened while they were there.

Rantall 2 (WIP)

Lost Realm Tale of the Moonlight Ring

This is a story of Edward and Dave Black after they died in book 2 and there would turn upside down as and gives an in-depth look at Edward and Daves Charters. This 2 only aper in the first book.

Dragonea (Dragon-e-a) Is a huge city that’s a fortress and kingdom with everything you need for thousands to live off your 500 years. The main city in Dragonea is in the middle sounded by forest, lakes hills and farmlands, Dragonea is 200 miles from wall to wall, it has 4 huge gates with towers on each side. each Gate is on the 4 main points N, E, S &W. The walls are 100 feet tall and 50 feet thick. the towers stand 200 feet. Each gatehouse 50 guards at any given time with housing inside the walls.

Dragon City Is a small Port city that sits on the seacoast of the legendary Sea Or Sorrows, (this is talked about more in detail in book 3).

On to the Main Charters;

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