Charters of Dragonea

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Capt. Killalot

Name: Killalot

Race: God

Age: 500+

Sex: male

Class: Warrior

Powerlevel 2/10

Caption Killalot the cured pirate of the legendary ship Cassy Ann,

Killalot is a tradesman of sorts and a man of the sea his life is sailing, his hobbies are the deck of his ship and crew there is no other as the passion for the water as he is. Killalot is a pirate not in the way of plunder but in the scents of, he is his own king and rules the sea. Capt Killalot is wise, kind and open-hearted, his past is dark as he was cursed to sail the seas of sorrow without end for 500 years after he was accused of crimes he never committed.

Killalot doesn’t talk about his past or does he let it worry him, he only cares about his ship, the seas he’s willing to protect and the few crew and friends he has.

Killalot knows everything about sailing, the wends and the sea of sorrows, he’s the idea caption, he having his own goals on dealing with the evil lords is will to help dragoen out after dragoen paid his debt and freed his curse.

Killalot has no powers or spell ability his a griefed sailer and has freighter training hi can handle hem self in a fight if it came to it he carries a reaper at his side and uses it if needed. killalot won’t attack first and is always 3 steps ahead of any enemies he encounters on land or at sea Killalot won’t let anyone get the best of him and he’s always prepared.

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