Charters of Dragonea

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Name: Sparkheart

Race: Undead

Age: Unknown

Sex: male

Class: Grim Reaper

Powerlevel 7/10

Sparkheat The Grim Reaper

Sparkheart isn’t your run-of-the-mill grim reaper not even by a long shot he is someone you want to ally yourself with instead of making emys out of him.

Sparkheart is a very powerful high ranking reaper from the underworld his wisdom and power are unknown, Spark, as he likes to go by can enter and exit the living, would freely and his evil grim looks may make give you cold chills his in fact very kind and respectable, he is more concerned about his looks (hair) than trying to scare anyone and keeps his fire hair well-groomed. Sparkheart will offer wisdom and help out if he can and wend, His job is reaping of souls and his thousands of years old.

Sparkheart takes on a role in the books that make him a part of the story, Sparkheart takes a keen interest in starlight and makes her an offer too tempting to refuse, He asks her hand am a marriage, Sparkheart has a dark scent of humour and likes a good joke as long as it’s not skeleton related he takes great pride in his skeleton appeal and easily embarrassed wend any bones are showing other than his head and hands.

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