Charters of Dragonea

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Name: Cassy Ann

Race: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Class: Shipwright

Powerlevel 1/10

Cassy Ann Killalot Capt. Killalots wife.

Cassy isn’t talked about only appearing in a few chapters in book 3 not much is said about her charter thow out the story, Cassy is Caption Killalots dearest friend in the early years she was a shipwright born on the seas her fooks wore killed in a violent storm at the age of 15 and was pulled from the sinking ship by Edward Warlock who was out on a mission to search for the stranded ship.

Cassy recovered mouths later and returned to the sea as a shipbuilder, She fell in love with building ships and became the bust in the businesses this got the intention of a merchant named Killalot.

Killalot was in need of a ship and not a normal ship he wanted a ship unlike anything the world has ever seen and he employed Cassy to help him build it. Cassy soon lured Killalot and who he was also why he needed this ship. Cassy had one condition he is to name the ship after her mother Kunna Annie.

Killalot wasn’t good with ship names even tho he had been a sailor all his life and agreed. Cassy built his ship and later on joined his crew, after a few years at sea she started to fall in love with the caption and renamed this ship after they married.

Cassy Inchanted the ship with spells she and Killalot wore forbidden to use ending up having the ship and crew cursed for the next 1500 years, this curse was later shortened to 500 years after The Cassy Ann played a vital role acutely saving a very important passenger a god who later become the wife of the son of Andrew.

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