Charters of Dragonea

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Name: Karde (kar-de)

Race: Dragon

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Class: Sage/Mage

Powerlevel 5/10

Karde looks like Dearon other than her eye and hair colour hair is a dark blue and one eye red and the other greed, Karde doesn’t have a transforming ability like Dearon or a dragon form, She has the ability to see in pitch black.

Karde is the elder sister of Dearon and is the smart one of the two Not much is known about her and her name is talked about in books 1,2 & 3 but she isn’t introduced until book 4 as a side charter. Karde travelled with dearon from a faraway land to find out answers as to what happened to their clan, while in Dragonea Dearons transform caused misfortune resulting in them being on the run from the guards and got parted as Karde ended up lost. Karde blamed dearon for their misfortune and hated her after that.

Karde meant Dragoen on the road while looking for Deason and ended up living with him for over a year, Karde became too attached to Dragoen and get very close before she realized it she was in love with him, This caused fair in her heart and she ran away from her feeling with a word. Dearon hated Karde for such a cowardly act and ended up living with Dragoen for several years, Dragoen wished he hadn’t started a fude between the two sisters.

Karde sought revenge on her sister ending up getting her cursed and almost killed, this only drew deeper rifts between the two girls. In book 4 Karde finely comforts Dragoen after being forced to do so under dire circumstances that were life and death. Karde confessed her sins and feeling to both Dragoen and Dearon after a heated conflict between the sisters that Dragoen was unwillingly pulled into and ended their years of hate towards each other.

Kadre ended up becoming A Grimreaper and granted a clean slat, her memory and kept her body under after conditions being her giving up her feeling. After many years she is reunited with Dragoen becomes Dragoens private eternal servant.

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