Charters of Dragonea

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Lord Zoramore

Name: Zoramore Evil

Race: Demon

Age: Unknown

Sex: male

Class: Sage/Mage

Powerlevel 5/10

Zoramore is the middle brother and ruler of Dracastys mainland Zoramore has ranked as the 2nd ruler of the land and rules parts of the would being his brother’s evil bidding, Lord Zoramore is evenly matched with Dragoen in raw power and skill. His law is his rule and his law is to suppress all who he sees unfit, worthless or try to oppose him.

Zoramore isn’t really smart his bold and judges his emys as being beneath him a fatal flaw that Dragoen proves as his undoing. Zoramore acts friendly and caring to fool his emys into believing him and tricks them into giving up than killing them with caring. Zoramore has many loyal guards and servants at his command his army is not as large as his brother Zicfich but powerful non the less.

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