Charters of Dragonea

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Lord Zickfish

Name: Zickfish Evil

Race: Demon

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Class: Warlord/High Mage

Powerlevel 6/10

Evil Lord Zickfish is the most powerful, violent and ruthless of the 3 brothers he is the oldest and riches. Zickfish rules everything he can get power over, he cares not for the livelihood of his troops and his punishments are tourcher or death.

Zickfish is also 8x stronger than Dragoen in power and gives Dragoen a fight unlike no other, Zickfish uses every dirty trick to win and with 500 million troops under his command his the fairest of the 3 brothers in so much the gods even are alarmed of the power hi threatens to unleash by calling his master Lord Carm.

Zickfish Rules the lands not ruled by his other two brothers but he will send aid to his younger brother the weakest if needed. Zickfish is over 1500 years old and took power after the 2000 year war were he won and took the thrown he thow the would into Darkness the same darkness Dragoen is trying to free the would form.

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