Charters of Dragonea

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Lord Carm

Name: Carm

Race: God

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Class: Unknown

Powerlevel 10

Carm is evil itself self he is a rogue god who has become completely unstoppable and takes pleasure in the suffering of everyone he loves to see death, pain, torch or, torment and suffering.

Lord Carm is talked about a few times throwout books 2,3 & 4 he comes into play in book 5 and turns everyone’s worst nightmare into reality. Carm is cruel, vile, unforgiving and vengeful, Carm is extremely powerful having no known weakness and can destroy space and time itself if he wishes.

Dragoen gives it all he has in an all-out fight with Dearon & Allaney agents Carm and loses the battle ending in Carm turning the would into a dead frozen wasteland before being sealed away by the Gods for 10000 years.

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