Charters of Dragonea

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Name: Marell (Mar-el)

Race: Unknown

Age: Eternal

Sex: Female

Class: Sage/Mage/Spellcaster/God-like

Powerlevel 8/10

Marell apars in the final chapters of book 5 and become the new main charter in book 6 & 7, Unlike other charters Marell was never supposed to live she served, Carms rath wend Carm turned Dracastey into a frozen dead wasteland she was one of very few to survive while on death’s doorstep Sparkheart decided out of the kindness of his heart to give her a fighting chance putting his career on the line her spared her form the reapers blad on a wimp.

He can one condition for her she has to find a way to destroy Carm in exchange for her survival, Marell 13 years old was taken in by the God named Demon and became a god her self not by choosing. Marell grew up disliking mortals despite her feeling she started to like being eternal and lived with Demon for thousands of years.

Even though her body stayed in a post-child state her mind and wisdom grew into a god state she knew to grate wisdom and power far beyond that of Demons. Marell then begins to understand mortals and became fascinated by one certain young man called Dragoen A Blacks A decedent of Dragoen Blacks, However, Marell was forbidden to interfere in mortal affairs so she created a Catgirl call Katt and founded the Kat race in the mortal would becoming there god. This allowed Marell to visit the Mortal would at last but there was one problem.

Marell was only able to stay among mortals for short amounts of time because her powers would have a nageited impact on the mortal would, As Time went on Marell finely got to meet Dragoen by chance and under Demons expressed orders, Marell wasted no time and got the closure she longed for so much and gave birth to her firstborn. Marell’s daughter ruined the timeline and betrayed Dome bringing her rath on Marell and was forced to repair the damage her daughter has done ending up with her daughter eternally imprisoned and Marell was forbidden to return to the mortal world and forbidden to speak of the events, this greatly broken Marell’s heart she never seen Dragoen ag

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