Charters of Dragonea

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Dragoen Blacks

Name: Dragoen Blacks

Race: Half-Dragon

Age: 22

Sex: male

Class: Warrior/Merchen

Powerlevel 6/10

Dragoen Blacks (Dragon) middle brother of Andrew and Dave Blacks and son of the Gravekeeper Demon Blacks.

Dragoen is Super strong and powerful, He’s strong enough he can brack bones without trying or meaning to, Dragons power is his ability to overpower his emery’s with is an insanely powerful strength and the ability to use extremely heavy swords and fighter spells only used by god-like fighters, Dragoen looks well built and don’t let his size fool ya, Dragoen would reader live a quiet life away from all the casu that threatens the would.

Dragoens Wise, well mannered and keeps an eye out for his allies Dragoen knows a lot about crafting and can survive in the harshest of places. Dragoen, however, isn’t without weakness, If he’s pushed too far he can lose his temper and enter a danger evaluated state where he becomes a monster that will destroy anything in his path, His Rage is his grates weakness after Dragoen comes out of raging he is prone to losing his strength and becomes very weak and tired often feeling drained for several days.

Dragoen tries to keep his powers in check at all times and uses spells that control his raging powers. Dragon on the other hand being superstrong has a kinder side and helps out his friends. as well as his father.

Dragoen was fared by the city’s fooks for his powers and forced to live outside the inner city limits of Dragonea, The guards often taunted hem into getting arnry but would only get a cold stare and sometimes a telling off by his brother Dave who hated the Guards,

Dragoen likes to keep the pice and avoids problems but he will defend hem self if the guards push him too far ending in the guards getting the wrong end of the stick and a broken bone or 2.

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