Charters of Dragonea

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Dragoen (younger)

Name: Dragoen

Race: Half-Dragon

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Class: Blacksmith

Powerlevel 6/10

Not to be confused with Dragoen Blacks, Dragoen is the 3 gen of his great grandfather and mother Dragoen & Dearon, He is Allaneys 2nd offsprings son (allaney’s 2nd born never appears in any of the books and hardly known, He & his wife was killed in the wend Carm destroyed Dracasty leaving Allaney to raise him and Demon took him to Sailam were he can live in pice and have no part of the past as he was never told the truth about his existent. He in his younger days was unsure of his life and didn’t know what to do entirely he meant a human guard named Andrew and that became good friends, Dragoen realized he has super strength and unbreakable stong, He and Andrew trained together daily homing in their skills. Soon after Dragoen became a small-town legend as he found his passion in blacksmithing and proven to be very good at it and he loved making just about anything.

Dragoen peaceful quiet life would not last long after he meant Demon and his pice turned into a wild goose chase into the underworld to prevent a war and foil Carm’s follower plans only to end up being betrayed by his allies and used as decorates in a afford to stop aware no one intended on stopping, Inarnger He made a deal with the most likely fows of all, Queen Adeala after the queen rose up in annoyance and stopped the war calling them all fools.

Dragoen now an outcast had no home to return to and no were to so took Adeala offer and side but he had a few conditions of his own, Adeala accepted and he and his only trusted ally returned into the deaths of the underworld where Dragoen lived as an eternal and ones again had some of his pice and quite back and now the blacksmith of the underworld,

Dragoen the younger becomes the main charter in books 6 & 7 and he switches sides fully after learning the truth of his existence.

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