Charters of Dragonea

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Keranni (The Sliver)

Name: Keranni (Ker-n-e)

Race: Non

Age: Unkown

Sex: Female

Class: Warrior/Assassin/freelance

Powerlevel: 8/10

No jobs too impossible No tack too big No matter the cost it will be done without fail! these are the words of those who either know her name or herd rumours of the one called The Sliver,

Keranni is a mercury soldier who follows orders and fulfills jobs and never fails them no one knows how she does it even if it’s impossible Keranni completes it but at a cost.

Keranni is not someone you want to meet if you’re a target if you hear The Silvers looking for you, you may well die there’s no escaping her she will find her target at all costs.

Keranni even though her name is faired shes not as freighting as her name sounds, shes an undead cat girl with long silver hair and pale gray skin, she can not die as she is only part undead and only undying, Keranni can take damage and die but she will revive after a few hours and be completely healed internally, Keranni is silent and really ever speaks shes she looks just like Adeala other than her hair and eyes colour. Keranni has similar powers to Adeala and can instantly teleport anywhere with the bounds of the underworld, she has lighting fast combat speed and similar strength to dragoen in which she learns of dragoens power and getting into heated combat after their first mission together with him as she sees him as an equal and starts to favour Dragoen earning his trust and respect.

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