Charters of Dragonea

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Demon (Goddise)

Name: Domon
Race: God
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Class: Sage/Mage
Powerlevel 7/10
Demon is a goddess you either love or hate, she is Andrew Black's grandchild and monthly brat in her youth but after a swift butt-kicking from Carm she changed her tone and focused on saving what remained of Dracastry with Starlights help and the creation of Sailem was the extent of the Sages powers.
Domen is the ruler of Sailem and keeper of the Moonlight Fountain in which she destroys to prevent Carms return only to close more harm than good and makes more enemies than friends.
Demon comes in in book 5 and is involved in book 6 but takes a side role in book 7 where she is overruled by Adeala who throws her from her throne and into the prison of the underworld after Adeala learns of her crimes where Demon was given the same treatment at she ones given to her own prisoners.

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