Charters of Dragonea

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Queen Adeala (Underwoulds Suprem ruler)

Name: Adeala (a-deal-a)

Race: Unknown

Age: 200,000+

Sex: Female

Class: All

Powerlevel 10/10
Queen Adeala is unlike Carm some call her God others say she is an Overlord but no matter the rumours Adeala is the most powerful in all of the Underworld even said to be on par with Carm or stronger, Adealas Evil in the scenes but she is anything but cruel or heartless in fact shes fair, kind and lawful of the extent of the high.
Adeala has lived for over 200.000 years and she mostly says in the depths of the underworld and governs from the shadows, The destruction of the Moonlight foution and the demon kingdom being completely wiped out as forced her hand and Adeala makes herself known, and after forming a contract with the betrayed Hero who lost everything only asked one thing of the grate Queen To make the god Demon pay for her crimes!
Adeala wanted Carm imprisoned for disrupting her kingdom and breaching his contract, Adeala agreed but Dragoen also tricked her into a few more conditions she agreed to without realizing it.
Even thow Adeala is Evil she just ones what's best for her kingdom and makes sure her guards and servers are well paid and behave themselves but get on Adeala's bad side and she will unleash hell on them like nothing they have ever seen before.
Adeala only comes into the story towards the last chapter of Book 6 Part 2 and she the Main Charter in book 7, and brings the story to close as well as getting new rules and foreseeing Dracasty under her rule, but this time overseeing it herself!
How every it may seem like Dracastry was free from the 3 evil brothers and Carm just to end up back in the hands of Evil, But Adeala has other plans in mind for her new kingdom.
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