Charters of Dragonea

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Name: Ateala (a-tea-la)

Race: ???

Age: ???

Sex: Female

Class: Warden

Powerlevel 8/10

Ateala is Adealas sister and the warden of the Abyss Prison, She appears in the final book only for a few chapters and ones in book 4, not much is known about her as she's an outcast and consisted a worthless brat by Adeala. Ateala is a simi god in her own right and 1/3 the as powerful as Adeala but she saw combat, Ateala wears pink armour and looks like Adeala. Ateala looks cold and cruel with a vibe that makes demons run scared at the voice of her name, how every Ateala is an idot and coward she's clueless and hot-headed, and she talks big and surprisingly has to power to back up her claims. Ateala carries a rusted axe that looked like its been in thousands of battles and her body is coved in scares its rumoured that she's is a fallen warrior or one who served as Adealas right hand it's not clear why Adeala hates her sister and Ateala never speaks of the reasons of her past.

Ateala however played a major role in the grand war and shattered the timeline undoing all Demon's damage and reclaiming her damaged reputation as well as keeping Carm under lock and key as well as punishing the Goddess Demon.

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