Charters of Dragonea

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Andrew Blacks

Name: Andrew Blacks

Race: Half-Dragon

Age: 25

Sex: male

Class: Warrior/Farmer

Powerlevel 3/10

Andrew Blacks the eldest Brother of Dave & Dragoen and Andrew is kindy a cowered at times he’s time and likes to take care of his own safety. Andrew isn’t very strong in power or spells however Andrew is a master at duel swords and any other means of 2 handed fighting, Andrew was a guard in the king’s court for years until he quit after his brother was exiled from the inner city.

Andrew is not very wise or knows much about crafting, his hobbies are farming and the reader is out on the fields where it’s safe than in a fight. Andrew may not be much of a fighter he can hold his own in a fight with both his brothers at once, Andrew is fast and can think and problem solves on the spot.

Andrew can outrun almost anyone, Andrews a friendly to most and thow he is not strong hi knows his way around and always thinks ahead.

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