Charters of Dragonea

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Name: Dearon

Race: Dragon

Age: 200

Sex: Female

Class: Unknown

Powerlevel 5/10

Dearon (Da-Ron) Dearon has an interesting past and how she and her sister came to Dragonea from overseas, Dearon is younger than her sister Karde and she’s a bit of a dumb ass at times and a bit foolish she tends to take risks easier however she is a quick learner and often regrets her mistakes, Dearon is very hard on her self.

Dearon has good scents of humour at times and she will crack unnecessary jokes at times, Deagon is an imp Dragon (very small) she has the power to transform between a humanoid form and dragon form for unlimited amounts of time, Wile in Dragon form Dearon is weak and can fight at all shes no bigger than a common house cat in this form and very light weightless the 3 bls, this makes her a fast flyer and can scout out without being spotted.

Dearon has 15 forms of power each stronger than the next but can only use them in her normal form. despite looking like a small kid Dearon is almost 200 years old and has a sharp mouth she’ll tell off anyone dumb enough to call her a kid, and normally get into a fight.

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