Charters of Dragonea

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Name: Starlight

Race: Woodland Elf

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Class: Sage

Powerlevel 8/10

Starlight the sage

Whats a Sage? a mage with a kick and the ability to become all-powerful. Starlight is the most powerful Sage there is almost nothing she can’t do. with the exception of raising the dead, healing & transforming. Starlight is not very bright and often acts like a smart ass, Starlight is a main charter in the books.

Starlight loves to pick on Skerly and often gets a kick or punch in return, Shes favours skerly but never says it and just wonts whats bust for her even if it not what skerly wants.

Starlight never misuses her powers and tents to avoid problems her feeling for Dragoen is an endless conflicting battle as she regrets betraying his trust and owes him a great deal for helping her become powerful

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