Charters of Dragonea

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Name: Skerly

Race: Demon

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Class: Warrior

Powerlevel 5/10

Skerly (Sk-er-ly) the immortal

Skerly is a young girl of the eternal age of 13 but after being tossed into the eternal fountain by starlight while in the Underworld grows a guru agent the Sage that taunts her for eternity.

Skerly is fun loveling with a spicy kick she enjoys a good joke and likes to make the best of the worst. but Skerly hates being reminded of what she considers her immortal looks and considers it to be a curse and will rage about it as well as threatening to kill Starlight.

Skerly is a half-demon with a powerful form called God Wolf Form that’s an insane boost of power turning her into a god-like wolf the size of a house, she becomes unstoppable and immune to all damage and deals deadly spell blasts and heavy melee attacks that can kill an army, however, the form only lasts a few mins then shes turned to normal and in a weakened disabled helpless stat for days.

Skearly reader avoids using God Wolf Form at all costs. Skrtly carries a dragon-made sword with a rear wight lighting dragon spirit hosting with it is named Colbolt and relies on his power as well as her own. Skerly loves combat and knows how to fight but often trains enter she drops.

Skerlys may be cute and always smiling but she has a grim past and was abandoned by her father Lord Zoramore thrown into the past lift for dead untell she was saved by Starlight's group.

Skerly a Charter that comes in book 2 and stays. Skerly is not very strong and powerful in her normal form she's weak (besides being immortal), Skerly is jellies of Dearon and Skerly for being able to have children coming that is impossible for skerly and of core she hates it.

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