Charters of Dragonea

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Name: Meia

Race: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Class: Warrior/Mage/Reaper

Powerlevel 8/10

Meia is a mistress girl her age, race and ability are not well known, She shows up abord the ship Cassy Ann and joins Dragoen’s course without question. Meia isn’t much of a fighter on the outside and is full of secrets. don’t let her age fool ya she’s the oldest charter in the books Her true age is 1485 but she looks 14.

Meia has a rear ability to host children for a female that can’t have a child, this rear power turns Meia to do one thing great Dearons dying wish as the cost of her own powers, Meia will not stop untell she does.

Meia’s powerful and can carrying reaper weapons and godly armour. she deals heavy blows like dragoen and she has 2 spells, Meia can turn invisible for a few mins a day but rarely uses it and she can summon a Grimpraper to boost or authorize her licence to use underworld weapons.

Meia falls in love with Dragoen and isn’t scared to show it (sh despite Dragoens’ lack of interest in her at first, Meia quickly takes a liking to Skerly and Dearon and becomes bust friends with them.

Mida in the past was kidnapped by a rich tradesman who planned on abusing Meia's powers for his own greedy gain but she was saved by Killalot who has changed her fate.

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