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Feelings are not alike with crush only.....these are those feelings that all of us on earth have hided from outer world but are not hidden in the world with in ourselves

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Chapter 1 = Secret's

So myself do not have any bestii to share my Secret's... I think my secret's are not a burden on me they are a part of my life that should be hided from dark world but are naked in the universe of my brain .Because, no one is trustworthy, the one who is reliable is my almighty and myself in me.The main cause that give birth to my secret's are my feelings..these are just how do I feel and which leads to the top Secret's of my life. And the cause why i am not shearing them is because the bad things present in the book of my secret's may greatly affect my ability to play the game of life.Since when I was of 7 or 8 yrs old, secret's in me started to mature and till now some of them are like the secret behind the formation of big bang..Sometimes I feel afraid that if, someday my secret's become visible, but now my inner voice says that without my own permission their is no one to reveal the ever untold talks.In the forth chapter of 'the book of my secret's' their is one thing that is filled with a flood of love. Sadness leads to secret's and secret's leads to sadness that I think so.
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