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As a teenager life in general is hard. Life is not something you can do alone. So most of us spend most of our childhood if not longer trying to find people that we can do life with. Some people are gifted with the right people when they are young. Although for people like me it takes a while. We make a couple (or more) bad decisions when it comes to friends. We put ourselves where we end up getting used. Each time we close off another part of ourselves. Chris Colfer once said When people hurt you over and over think of them like sand paper. They they may scratch and hurt you a bit but in the end you end up polished and they end up useless. I personally agree with him. Though in the moment it may not seem like you will end up polished, later on in life you will look back at all the friendships that didn't happen and see how they were nessecary to bring you to the ones that did. So for now love wholeheartedly. Be cautious but be open to new possibilities, new friendships. Look for the people who actually listen. Who don't just come to you for gossip or to tell you how miserable their life is. People who treat you the same around all different kinds of people. The ones who feel more like family than just friends. Always remember that friendship is a two way street. It can't only be you being there for them or vice versa. A berry wise friend once told me that love is like a fart. If you have to push it it's probably crap. I think this also applies to friendship. Think about this. If you sigh out of disappointment every time they walk towards you then drop them like there hot. Your mental health is more important. Never stay in a bad relationship because you don't want to hurt their feelings. They obviously don't care about yours. Don't ever think that you aren't worth having good friends and that you would only burden them with your problems. That way of thinking will only hurt you in the long run. So from now on when you find yourself self-proclaimed friendless, reflect and enjoy the silence. Use the time to focus on you and what you are looking for in your next friendship. And when you do find your life friends don't close yourself off to more. Always keep an empty seat at your table. Be inviting to newcomers. You never know if that new girl is going through the same thing you did. Always be a good friend but also be good to yourself.

Also power to the local dreamer|-/
Thank you so much for reading!! I will continue to put up random writings that I feel like sharing with you people. I don't really have an update schedule so just add to your library to get notifications when I add more. Please comment what you thought and any suggestions for things for me to write about. Also sorry about the grammar 😬

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