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Elohim-GOD(The Source) Divine Counsel- The Board

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Elohim-GOD(The Source) Divine Counsel- The Board

Now there's much theory and speculation about the Creator in all the world, and there is not a religious organization in the world today, that is able to explain it. There's a lot of theory about it.

And then it takes on in that 3rd plate from the end there, you see the embodiment of the thing. You see Him in Shape and Form. Now that is seen in a Vision, and that is called Elohim, but in its Pure State Form, see, that's Yahweh. No man at no time has ever seen Yahweh. Now here's some of the reasons why, because you can not get out of Him, separating Him from yourself and then look back… See, that's a matter of impossibility.

as long as you live out of the King James Version of the Bible. And there is no potential possibility of the world becoming reconciled, and fully comprehend - listen now - to the extent that they can

come together in one united body with the…all having the same concept or understanding.

Yahshua the Messiah was back there with Moses, walking around just like you see me…as a man on earth. Now they don't know that, they don't understand that.

Yahweh is the parent of everything…nothing could ever be before Him. You understand? Now every time the moderator gets on the floor he tells you this: that He is the Source, just like you might say, ‘well where did God come from?’ Now he tells you that Yahweh is the Source. He tells you that He is the Substance. He tells you that He is the essence. He tells you that He is the embodiment of everything…”

Pure Spirit is One, Shape and Form is Two (that's Incorporeal), and physical shape and form is Three

Now then you got One, Two, Three. Now that's brought out by the Tabernacle Pattern. One, Two, Three. Now everything…now you follow now…everything in the universe, doesn't make any difference what it is, see, from the cell or from the atom, has to be made up that way.

A cell, see, is the first forms of living matter”.

The cell is generated in…in your physical body, and without you there will be no cell. You follow? Now it doesn't make a difference whether it's vegetation or what not, it has to have a seed. Now did you follow? And a human cell will never generate anything other than another human being. Man did not come from a monkey, but a monkey did come from a monkey, and a man come from another man. Each one of those are independent cells, just like peach trees and apple trees. You'll never plant a peach seed and get an apple tree. Are you following? See. Everything after it's kind,

the masses of people can not be reconciled. They don't all have the concept. No religious body on earth. Roman Catholics or Protestants, or even the Jews. They do not have it. And if any one of ‘em had it, the rest of ‘em would fall by the weight of that one. And that's why they're all crumbling down from outwards

Yahweh creating the heavens and the earth, is because Moses is looking at Him in a Vision here as He's taking on Shape and Form. So then instead of it being ‘God’ created, then it's Elohim created, which means that He's in Shape and Form, and creating. Now we say this, in this Shape and Form, Elohim is the Archetype or He is the Original Pattern of the universe; that's why the cell, the atom, everything is that way. Even, even you. You're pneuma, psyche, and soma: soul, body and spirit. Now then, we've got 3-fold. One, Two, Three. It's this manifestation of Pure Spirit in this Shape and Form, Incorporeal; then comes on down here into the physical shape and form. Then, listen, animal, vegetable matter, don't make no difference how minute and remote it is, it must have that 3-fold configuration.

Everything is manifested right in you. you running around looking for something and there it is, it's right in you

everybody's trying to boost itself up to be so much greater than anybody else. The creator is manifested in this one man, just as quick as He is in anybody on earth, or any one woman, that as much in any single human being on earth, see. That doesn't make anybody above, any better. And you do not have any preeminence over the beast. One dies just like the other one. And all physical matter come…

Matter was first. Now when I say matter I'm talking about uranium, salt, and metals and just plain dirt, and talking about vegetation, all of that. approximately 92 basic elements of matter an 91 of them is 3-fold.

all proton, neutron, electron.

You can't see an atom. so you cant see God

The earth was already created

The earth was already populated and vegetated

every bit of the matter that is in, in existence was embodied in this, everything. If it was the Source and it was the Substance from which everything come, Joseph and Mary and Adam and Eve and you, and everybody else.

Now there is not a man or a woman in the world fully developed, but what doesn't have a heart and a aorta and lungs which indicates these vessels in here. And these are encouched in or enclosed in your body, everything, every, they are there. Now we said he was three-fold. One, Two, Three. Now when you break it down, even the atom, when its broken down, it has these parts and all that. The Tabernacle's got these parts. You got these same…the light of the world here was referred to your aorta, it has seven branches here and your aorta around it has seven branches to it. Everybody's got it. They're in you. Everybody's got a heart. Everybody's got lungs. The creator said ‘I am the light of the world’.

An atom is a proton, neutron, and electron.

you're gonna have to hear that somebody that Yahweh sent, or else remain stupid! Because nobody else can't touch it. They don't know, they'll stay and study…Solomon said, ‘Much study is a weariness to the flesh’. You can't read up on this, as Jehovah Witnesses claim you can.

For it is in Him we live, and we move, and we have our being, being made up in His likeness and His image,



man just simply does not become conscious and comprehend the power of Yahweh

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